The Legend of Zelda - Retroview

The Legend Begins

By: PEIJay

Review Breakdown
   Battle System 5
   Interface 4
   Music/Sound 3
   Originality 3
   Plot 6
   Localization 5
   Replay Value 7
   Visuals 5
   Difficulty Medium
   Time to Complete

10-15 hours



   Back in the late 1980ís, Nintendo had three major stars. There were several smaller ones: Luigi, Toad, Donkey Kong, and even Princess Toadstool. But the big three, were Metriodís Samus, Mario, and Link. To date, Samus has stared in at four games, Mario in countless and Link in eight. This is Linkís first major roll, and it was a success.

   The battle system of Legend of Zelda was something in the works. Like many video games, Nintendoís goal was to strive and create a unique system that would challenge people at all levels. Being in a single world where enemies walk around the same way you do, this provided much, allowing for tactical attacks and strategizing how not to get hurt. The downside to this was a roomful of badies would keep you from a strong, retreat, as you would have to battle your way out. Sometimes, luck just ran out.

   The game itself, was an enjoyment for all. Different locations for hidden treasures and plenty of secret locations added excitement to an already wonderful place. Hyrule. A New World for millions to enjoy. IMHO, I feel flat world such as in Zelda 1 and Zelda 2, allow for better enjoyment, and less frustration than a modern day 3D world.

   Like many video games, the music had a rather catchy tune. It wasnít to the point where I would always turn off the music so I may listen to cassettes, but it was enough to turn the volume down. As always, the low health tone was enough to cause a headache.

Never take candy from strangers.  Swords on the other hand....
Never take candy from strangers. Swords on the other hand.... 

   Legend of Zelda was not set in futuristic setting, nor a barbaric age. Like many other games, it was set in medieval time, where wands, swords, hammers, were all the rage in weaponry. It didnít offer much for originality, but being a New World totally, consisting of different species improved Zeldaís chances.

   The plot itself wasnít original, but flowed as if it was. An evil creature has captured the beautiful princess, and your job as the hero, is to save her. Understanding this, the story starts out getting a very primitive weapon, and given a final goal. Along the way, there is several twists, sub-ideas, and treasures which lead you into seeing a bigger picture. How now just one life is on the line, but many. It never strays from what the objective is, and never tries to explain it as something else.

Disco Trees!
Disco Trees! 

   The game is translated very well since its North American release. I personally found no major errors, or anything to which shows the translating team did a bad job. Thankfully, we didnít have another ĎAll your Base.í

   A game released in 1989, being reviewed in 2002. The replay value? Itís always good to look back at old games and play them again. Just for fun, I went back and booted up all my SNES and NES games. Over half of the NES games didnít work, but it was still a rush to think back to childhood, sitting in front of a TV and playing video games till supper and then till bedtime. I donít recall the math questions, but I recall playing through the game. Seeing primitive graphics and characters from the past is worth the money paid to repair my NES.

   The basic visuals of Zelda are simple, but in the long run, better. The one-dimensional view of Zelda keeps from small line of errors. A fraction of an inch off, and you miss the secret is not the best way to go about a game, unless given a clue that there is something in the surrounding area, like in Final Fantasy IX.

   The difficulty of Zelda depends on the person. A person new to games like Zelda would find it rather hard. A person, who knows a great deal about pick and choosing spots to fight and when to back off, would find the game rather easy. Knowing the enemy walks three steps in two seconds, and it takes a bomb four seconds to explode, the person would know to walk out six steps and set the bomb, so the enemy is on top of it when it finally detonates. Something to this degree is easy for some and hard for others.

Why does he get a sword and I don't?
Why does he get a sword and I don't? 

   How long it takes to complete the game, depends on the person, much like the difficulty. If youíre the type of person who likes to attack every enemy and get as much gold as possible, then it will take you longer. If you want to soar through the game and finish it to get a good ending, then it will take you not as long. I find the average person beats it between ten to 15 hours. I took about ten and half-hours to complete.

   I felt that overall this is one enjoyable game. With the times, arrive changing days and the improvement of a series. The additions to the simple joys of whacking chickens and watching them run around. Itís even more fun when they turn coat and call in their friends to help them. I give it a solid six out of ten.

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