Xenosaga - Screen Shots
04.10.2003 Some More Screens
When do I get one of those? In the future people can control lightning KOS-MOS resting
An angle lost its wings Your command? A galactic war
Taking in the sights NOO!!! That's a nice hat
You aren't kicking high enough Strange light. . . Error Battle stations
A blinding light Power up! Thats got to hurt
A colorful ship A look of terror The next KOS-MOS?
A freak attack KOS-MOS ready for anything I must hide
Close up A big AGWS against a person... outcome you decide A nice pose
I'll share my coffee with you Girl like it when guys cry I need a new hair cut
Don't I look pretty? Run away! KOS-MOS shows off
This computer is too slow That's some smile A CRTC for 69 damage! WOW!
05.08.2002 Battle shots
Green streak Holy rain Running down a highway
Dodge this Surrounded by symbols  
01.28.2002 Yet even more new screens
Talking over the headset A little frustrated Hittin' on the ladies
A confident look of awe Another look of wonderment An office
What IS she looking at? Chatting, TV-style  
01.18.2002 Running out of update titles
Shocked At attention Expounding on...something
Dinnertime! You look familiar Just back away
Take my hand What did you do? Trapped in a spacesuit
Reading a transparent paper Protect the ship Above the bridge
Taking control Chatting in the hallway  
01.12.2002 AGWS Battles and More
Critical hits Kicking 'em while they're down Street fighting
Pucker up Watch your boost-o-meter Battling start screen
Select a Gatling gun? Select a sword? Split-screen action
This is why you need traffic lights Giant explosions VX-10000 vs. AG-05
Pulling out the big guns Rock on So many numbers
Flame wall Target in sight Indoor battle
Aim for the pillar It's stabbing time Purple lasers
Plush lounge Jr. relaxes in the lounge Care for a game of 9-ball?
A disgruntled Matthews A slightly less disgruntled Matthews A really stupid-looking Matthews
Matthews talks to Hammer Why is it so cold in here? Ziggy stares on in concentration
Static is a real pain Ziggy is a little too philosophical for me  
12.30.2001 People and Places
Not happy Repetition Close your mouth, you're drawing flies
Impending fight A little too excited Staring at the ceiling
Keep your eyes to yourself Yuri speaks Creepy eye...
Dressed nice and proper Says you Explanations
No, my name isn't Ayeka! Color coordinated Heather Graham stops over to say "hi"
Merry fills the screen Another shot of Merry Your sword's not big enough for an RPG
Who shall be the first to go...? Maybe it'll be you, my dear I can strike dramatic poses, too!
Side by side More talking On the Elsa bridge
In the Elsa Restaurant Ugh, too much to drink last night UMN
Above a city street The city street from another angle Yup, it's a Namco game
Working in a garage Seaside café The place is suspiciously empty
Out by the water Is it for sale? Are any of them for sale?
07.20.2001 Lots More Screens Game Watch
Just off the coast Digging for the lost ark, or something It's really lost
Out of the sun Slackers came untied again
Strange crest Seems like a piece is missing Thinking really hard
Wait...what's this? Looks like it could fit... ...and it does!
Maybe that was the wrong thing to do Collapse Duck and cover
A waterspout Rising from the ocean An evil red glow
Spidery A path is revealed Vague outlines
The path leads to the outline The outline slowly solidifies... ...into a familiar monolith
Heaven-sent light Zooming out Oh no, I forgot to return the tape!
Outside the ship Sleeping peacefully Morning, KOS-MOS
What an angle Keeping your name on your head is good for introductions BOOOOM
Strange ships Flying through space Energy beams
On the bridge Running through the corridor Motion blur
Never look back Uh...ouch An AGWS
AGWS vs. a thing Firefight These aliens really don't seem to like people
They're mighty ugly, too Not a good place to be KOS-MOS gets shiny
Who wants some? M.O.M.O. makes an introduction Just standing around looking pretty
Hello, Jr. Now that's bizarre More space flying
A (literal) rear view I can see my house from up here! Looking slightly suspicious
You're invading my personal space Funny clothing Giving orders
Are you "abel" to recognize this guy? Who might you be? Omega
Hiding in the shadows A bright light in space...what could it be? Whatever it is is vaporizing lots of things
Those holes in the planet can't be good I hate it when that happens Another familiar face
The familiar face again, though slightly transparent    
06.02.2001 More Screens IGN
Under the bridge Mmm... beer A lovely street
Don't you need an energist for that? Trippy effects You too can travel the wormholes
Looks like you could use some backup Those chairs look comfy Hardworking security forces
Stepping off the ramp Please state the nature of your medical emergency Chattin' up a storm
06.02.2001 More Screens Game Watch
Ooh... futuristic Quite a tubey place The city of the future... I mean past
The bridge Schematics Getting a drink
You can keep things in tubes, too! An Anti-Gnosis unit And here's another
Hi-ho, hi-ho, through the wormhole we go Have fleet, will travel Hard at work
"I get by with a little help from my friends" A close-up of our bespectacled heroine Robots from a different angle
Baseball: A universal hat type When buildings explode 4 A blazing gun cuts down opponents
Under Attack!    
06.01.2001 First Screens Famitsu
Good morning, characters Like giant robots? Run through the city corner
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