Xenosaga - Artwork
04.10.2003 One New Character and Developer Art
Albedo Chaos Stands Jr Face
Jr Stands KOS-MOS Face KOS-MOS Stands
M.O.M.O. Face M.O.M.O. Stands Shion Face
Shion Stands
01.28.2002 Three new characters
Miyuki Itsumi Allen Rijjiri Wilhelm
01.18.2002 Another two characters and a ship
Andrew Virgil The Vokrinde
01.12.2002 AGWSs...and two more characters
AG-01 Front of the AG-02 Back of the AG-02
Front of the AG-04 Back of the AG-04 Front of the VX-4000
Back of the VX-4000 Front of the VX-9000 VX-10000
Front of the VX-20000 Back of the VX-20000 Matthews
12.30.2001 Characters, Etc.
Hammer Tony Shelly
Juli Gainan Joachim
Merry Magris Peregrie
Elsa passenger ship Kukai Foundation  
07.20.2001 A Couple New Characters Game Watch
M.O.M.O. Jr.  
06.09.2001 Anime Character Art
Shion Uzuki KOS-MOS chaos
06.02.2001 Character Artwork
Shion Uzuki A pensive character And a lovely blue-haired female character
04.03.2001 First Artwork
A beautiful seaside venue
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