Wizardry: Tales of the Forsaken Land  
Wizardry: Tales of the Forsaken Land

Our story takes place in the peaceful kingdom of Duhan. One day, a sphere of light from the heavens shatters the evening sky. Thousands are killed and the kingdom is in ruins. Demonic creatures from the underworld have emerged and the Queen of Duhan has disappeared into the labyrinths beneath the castle. The labyrinths are said to hold the greatest treasures in the land, but will you survive long enough to enjoy them? It is now up to you to face the ultimate challenge! Will you find the Queen in time and rid the kingdom of the evil that has befallen it? Fight on, brave warrior!

· PS2

· Atlus/Four Winds

Atlus Japan
Atlus US

  Release Date  
11.15.2001 Japan
12.21.2001 US
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