Tales of Symphonia - News
·Tales of Symphonia Details Arrive, Game to Follow Shortly 07.01.2004  
·Namco Announces Profits, Release Dates 05.26.2004  
·Previously Announced Tales Title Loses Ellipses 04.08.2004  
·Euro Release Announced for Namco GameCube RPGs 02.08.2004  
·Tales of Symphonia Meets Another Setback 01.28.2004  
·Namco Wags Two Tales 01.07.2004  
·Namco's Tales of Symphonia to be Released in North America 12.11.2003  
·Tales News Persists 06.10.2003  
·Symphonia Details Revealed 06.07.2003  
·Symphonia Looks West 05.09.2003  
·Namco Offers Morsel of Tales of Symphonia Information 05.06.2003  
·Tales of Symphonia Battle System Info Released 04.26.2003  
·Yoshizumi Tells Tales of Symphonia 04.10.2003  
·Tales of Symphonia Information Rolls In 04.05.2003  
·Namco Reveals New Game, Old Game with New Name 02.21.2003  
·Namco Readies Unveiling of... 12.16.2002  
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