Shining Tears - Screen Shots
02.14.2005 A huge set of screens
Attacking multiple targets Feathers mark the devastating aftermath This one looks like your mum(my)!
Piercing the ground Introducing the icicle can can girls This compass isn't much help
Never ask directions from a mage That's what you get for confusing me Fighting on the stairs
The sand worms invade Fighting the battle on the edge Surrounded
Mum's the word in this fight King Tut's family reunion Flash flooding the beasts back into their holes
The icicle can can girls make another appearance Getting the enemy in sword's range A spell circle
This mage knows how to get a "round" Calling down cold wind It's getting a little breezy in here
Play misty for me Circle takes the stair! Spells starting
Lizzard men march in the sands Isn't holding up a metal object just a tad dangerous? Items left conveniently by the cliff's edge
Skeletons ambush the two Twins united in battle Xion, yin and yang
You'll poke someone's eyes out Battling by a tent Those icicle girls just like to pop up at random
Battling goes back to its roots A little high up, aren't you? The ground's going to go up in flames
Talking in a bar Comparing who has the prettier outfit Great, now she copied his color
Discussing a battle plan inside the gates Enemy soldiers wander on down The status screen
Selecting a skill Moving on down the list Woo! Level 2!
Checking this one out too Maybe he'll get to level 3 soon Leaving the status menu for good
Enter the dark portal of doom Fighting on a tower Calling forth the lightning
Shock blade Gravity strike You're grounded
Clearing the stairs A forest fight Just don't move back too far
I'll have mine on the rocks
01.20.2005 Another set of battle screens
The undead walk the town Giant white blob attack Don't forget to get the treasure chest
Taking them all out at once I think you made him angry Little pokers
Seems a bit unfair We'll just try it from another angle
01.08.2005 Captured Screens
She doesn't have much to say. Going for a stroll What was that noise?
Washed up on shore Sleeping late again Monkey boy
That's a huge horn A shining tear Nice and peaceful
And then the wolves come in Using giant mirrors to blind the wolves probably won't work Fusion HO!
Run away! Super sword stab You win!
Whisling a tune Cute little bunny girl Pretty in pink
Map system Dog and cat people I'll just sneak up on him from behind these trees.
Sadly they put a guard by the fountain to keep people from swimming in it Steampunk town That guy sure is old
I'm sorry I don't understand Japanese. Seems he's fresh outta goods
10.13.2004 More Action Screens Source: GamesAreFun
Release your inner darkness Crash & burn It's a yin-yang thing
Blazing a path Icy projectile Summoning lightning
Strike! Parry, parry, thrust, thrust...good! Sweeping attack
08.14.2004 Hot Screenshot Action Source: The Magicbox
About to throw down You will burn! Outnumbered
White mist area attack, go! Relaxing in an inn Xion and a wolf guy
Attacking from a distance
07.26.2004 New Screens Source: Gamefront
I think this game will be popular among the furry crowd Fighting? 43 damage
More fighting Major battle Fighting in a city
Nobody is safe Light extending towards the heavens Fighting near a river
05.05.2004 Cry Some For Me
Discovery: The Beach Episode Supergiantswashbucklingslash The Area of Effect
Bringing down the heavens Aftermath Xion doesn't seem too happy
Many mud men
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