Shining Force III  
Shining Force III

In the city of Saraband, a peace conference between the Aspinian Republic and the Destonian Empire has gone wrong. The Emperor has been kidnapped, and the culprit appears to be King Benetram of the Republic! The real villains are known by Synbios and his Shining Force, but proving it will demand going against the many factions on both sides who want a war. This is the beginning of the enormous Shining Force III story, and also the only part of that story Sega of America deigned worthy to see release outside Japan.

· Sega Saturn

· Camelot Software Planning

Sega Japan
Sega US

  Release Date  
12.11.97 Japan
07.30.98 US
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·Shining Force III Delayed 06.22.1998  

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