Shenmue II - Screen Shots
08.03.2002 New high resolution Xbox screens  
Wide city shot Lens flare Looking off to the left
Stopping by Wan Chai A bug's eye view The "Heavenly Tea Shop"
Reading a paper Rose-colored sky Boat in the water
Those trees look like roses Massive fountain Sea-side shot
06.03.2002 A couple E3 screens
Good tasting groceries are essential to any RPG Looking down an alley  
06.01.2001 Story Events
Nice to know who made the game Intro title Cool as stone
Line please Isn't she joyful? The light's hurting my eyes
An amazing hairstyle He fills up the screen nicely Let's rumble
Standing next to a brick building I think I'm lost Want this?
Run for your life Sneaking around the corner Who the devil are you?
Surrounded! Hi there, cowgirl Reading other people's mail
Taking a walk Surrounded by nature Oh what I wouldn't give for a dart board right now
Battling foliage Wait, you're not foliage All good games have campfire sequences
I have nothing to say A detailed city street At the harbor
03.07.2001 Characters
Shuei pretends Ryu isn't there Cool as a statue Praying at a church
Long distance relationship Do I know you? Cold stare
I think an icebreaker is in order Something's awkward I wonder if the moon is important in this game
Howdy! Boots Uh, pants
A nice shirt Joy, perky as ever Happy go lucky
Joy loves a man who's angry One more gratuitous shot can't hurt "Take me to your leader."
Ryu lets Kauro escape (probably a good thing) Cute or annoying? Mystical hair
Looking at nothing in particular What's in the cup? If she tilts her head any more, it's gonna fall off
02.19.2001 Trailer Screens Source: IGN
Ren with a quick right Falling down Ren poses
Switchblade Ren and Ryo What's up there?
Relaxin' Ren again Come get some
01.19.2001 Trailer Screens Source: IGN
Rock path Shan Hua up-close Meeting by a tree
Vertical bird Head twoards the light Path through the forest
A fork in the woods Still walking on that path It's the logo!
Lots of foliage Lots of rock Waterfall
Shan Hua sleeps Ryo close-up Campfire
Looking introspective Watching the moon Boat on a river
More running    
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