Seiken Densetsu 4: Legend of Mana - Screen Shots
06.05.2000 Pre-Release Screens Source: IGN
Conversation in town A hippo in the wild Clash with a mantis
Battle on A lush jungle Sage words
The landmake system Powerful magic Another spell
Seek and you shall find More mantis clashing False emotions
Debt is always a problem    
04.21.2000 More Screens Source: IGN
Aura Battle Special effects
Middle of town In the desert A strange room
World creation GranzFlute A new weapon
Niccolo On the beach Your pet
Purple lights "Ready! En Garde!" Character select
Hit and run Battle in the ice Character status
A strange place A gravestone The CD cover
A hanger-on The World Map  
Forest Domina Inside a house
By a fountain A tavern  
A house in the fields Talking with... something green The mighty ducks
The party meets Fro-boy Fro-boy again, at night A tree house
Friend, foe, or random rodent? You take the high road... I'll take the low road
The landmake system Early beginnings Another transformation
Patience is key Another area is added Near completion
Battle 1 Battle 2 Battle 3
Battle 4 Battle 5 Battle 6
Battle 7 Battle 8 Battle 9
Battle 10    
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