Sakura Wars V: Episode 0 - Screen Shots
08.31.2004 A bunch of screens The Magic Box
Ride-by slashing Taking on a big one In pieces
Rally gets into the act Yeeeee-ha! Fire!
Rear buck Rally does Street Fighter With the sun at your back
Say cheese Gemini and Chamber Gemini and Fuanita
Patrick Hamilton Bonus character selection Oogami on horseback
Erika astride a...zebra? Erika in her armor Sakura on horseback
Sakura in her mech A more familiar look for Oogami Go! Go! Go!!
What's Gemini so happy about? West Coast A sword
Gemini clears a mission Level up
07.31.2004 Opening Sequence
Draw, hombre Western mini Gemini Sunrise
Lucky horse Somewhere, over the Grand Canyon... ...eyes are blue
Eat dust! Watch the road! WATCH THE ROAD! Of COURSE the horse is faster.
Whoa! ...fair odds. "I have the power!"
Explosive Eerie Showdown
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