SaGa Frontier - Screen Shots
08.04.2001 Retro Screens
I can think of a few good ways... Take a look around Cleanest sewer pipes ever
Weapon select in battle Traveling on a fat ship A Japanese-sytle room
One of many area maps Starting screen Pretty crystals
Eventually you can get used to anything A twisted chateau Strange things can be found in the chateau
Menu Zoom! Enter a hero
The Cygnus, from outside Baccarat So many choices...
That's quite a costume An evil caterpillar Does the 4th dimension need a name?
Crowded city streets At the burger shop Falling asleep
Fine then. I didn't wanna go in anyway Gothic architecture Wandering into places at random
Almost straight out of SimCity Inside a gritty factory office That's one way to describe it
The blasted lands The fuzziness ruins the dramatics Wow, what a tail
A bar band Won't get many customers that way Mean streets
Shoot Missed! Rummaging around in junk
It sure is It sure does You sure can't
Along the open plains In yet another bar Fine art
A grand hall Want your fortune told? *Sigh* So many to go...
Rabite shrine In another house This is gonna be bad
First Screens
The title screen A party of four fights a mechanized monster A path leads through a tree
Outside a stable A windmill dominates this town An English-style inn
A fight with a gargantuan red monster A conversation ensues in an interior room A heart spell
A fight with a giant horned and spiked mouse    
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