Quest for Glory V - Concept Artwork
Bruno, Thief extraordinaire
Centaur, nameless, faceless, with the body of a horse
The Chief Thief, large and in charge
A Dryad, visiting us from the desert perhaps?
Erana, finally showing her face
THE Famous Adventurer, gains a face to go with his guides
Ferrari, without the falcon, but with a hookah
Gort, disgruntled-looking
Julanar, Salim's loving wife
Katrina is here to help you in your quest!
A Female Katta, willing to sell you anything your heart desires
A Female Katta, created to soothe the soul with music
The King, proud as a king can be
Minos, just plain Minos
Salim, the hippie healer
Ugarte, Ferrari's sniveling servant
Wolfie, here to sell you meat, and grace himself with your prescence
Generic Characters and Monsters
A Dragon, laying in wait
A Goon, prepared to beat you senseless
A Guard, saving the world from evil, and thievery
A Mermaid, beautiful but deadly
A Pillar, with a gargoyle perched on it
A Razor-Fish, a mermaid's best friend
A Townsman, asking to be pickpocketed
A Triton, a mermaid's other best friend
Inanimate Objects and Scenes
A Duel, in the middle of the town
A Gnome named Ann, and the inn she loves
The Hall of Kings, humbling, isn't it?
Science Island, where all your questions may be answered
A Thieve's Toolkit and Tinderbox, sketched and ready for rendering
The Town Square, a bustling island metropolis
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