Phantasy Star Online - Screen Shots
03.08.2003 New Screens
Which head goes with this body? Poof Down by the sea
Are we there yet? Err.. You push it Nice fire breathing monster
02.15.2003 Initial Screens Gamers.Com
Looks like an aquarium Vanquishing the enemy Battle in the tank
The gang's all here! Say what? Decision making
"Nobody leaves here alive!" Awesome water effects Water and machines don't mix
The biggest sword in history Ouch, that must've hurt Who fed the octopi?
Yeeouch, that's a strong current! A hologram? Creating trouble
How does he swing that thing? Laying the smack down Quick! Out of the water!
An 8 tentacled nightmare Surrounded...this can't be good... Magnificent
He must have a bad hip Don't...move...a muscle... She's not a fan of foliage
Who will you be? Otherworldly Somebody get a breath mint!
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