Phantasy Star III - Sega Artwork
First Generation Characters
Rhys, the young prince of Landen
Maia, the elegant princess of Cille
Mieu, an attractive combat cyborg
Wren, a male cyborg and an expert in combat and systems analysis
Lyle, the young prince of Shushoran
Lena is the petite yet quick princess of Satera
Second Generation Characters
Nial, the son of Rhys and Lena and an all around good swordfighter
Lune is an experienced and powerful general who spent a thousand years cryogenically frozen
Alair, Lune's sister... The resemblance is uncanny
Ryan, a cool and composed guy who organized the resistance against Lune's forces
Laya, a mysterious girl found cryogenically frozen in the world underneath Aridia
Ayn, the son of Rhys and Maia, prince of Cille, and wielder of two-handed swords
Siren is an old, angry cyborg
Thea, an attractive girl who befriends Ayn during childhood
Sari, an extremely strong character, she is also the ruler of Landen and Lena's daughter
Third Generation Characters
Aron, Nial and Alair's son
Adan, Nial and Laya's son
Crys, Ayn and Sari's son
Sean, Ayn and Thea's son
If you end up getting Adan, Gwen is Adan's twin sister
If you don't get Adan, Gwen will be Laya
Kara as a nice, physically weak girl posessing strong healing techniques
Kara as a bitter woman, strong physically but not posessing healing skills
Miun is a sad and wandering character who once fought side by side with Siren
Rulakir, Orakio's twin brother, must be killed by you in order to become free
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