Pokémon Ruby / Sapphire - Screen Shots
04.10.2003 A Few Screens
Command me The local shops Go! Torchic!
This should hurt Everyone gather around Nobody will find them in here
I don't have any friends though A house in the trees A little over powering?
Hiding from the rain
03.22.2003 Screen Bonanza
The heat of battle No! Not DETECT! Let's astonish the opponent
I think he mistook it for Acid Trip *Burn!* Angry chicken
Yeah! Title screen Help! I've fallen and I can't get up!
... uh... cool? Wandering Politics
Don't drown me! Second thoughts Reading road signs
Babysitting services? Looks like a tough battle Watch out
Trade with friends Dangerous flora Duck!
The Venerable pokemondex Eatin' machine Area map
Cry meter They haven't established a measurement system yet What's in *your* pokemonbelt?
The ubiquitous pokemonball Attack items Get ready to rumble!
Fruity collection Navigator? Pick a place
Zoomed In Zooming in more Pentagon stats
Aroma lady? Watch out for her What a weirdo
Trainer pokemon hospital? She hasn't done much
Options screen Super chicken! Super chicken returns
Chicken abilities Torch? Creepy guy
That's against the DMCA! What's in *your* wallet? Marking pokemon
Lost? These guys boogie down It's a... rock!
Moth from hell Turnip gone awry Uhm... pit bull?
Shopping Cross country biking Vrooom
Love at first crash I guess it wasn't love! Champion bound?
When office equipment attacks Hmm, what's this? Or perhaps it's just those electrified posts?
An options screen Resting up KILL!
Choose your weapon! It's all over
10.13.2002 A Few Extra Screens The Magic Box
Achamo versus Kimori Mizugorou versus "Bird" Kimori versus Mizugorou
Pollock Feeder Pollock Feeder in use Shopping
07.18.2002 More Screens
A pokemonball flies into battle Poof! A scratch attack
A punk rock pokemon Standing in a flower shop One of many pokemon Centers
The top of a department store A look at the pokemondex "We'll mutate your pokemon into a fighting machine!"
Look at that creepy creature... A trainer battle Another trainer battle
Two on two battle Getting ready to face a pokemon tandem The battle rages on
The player's team launches an attack Walkin' around town That river looks mighty cold!
"Go! Yellow bubble attack!" Pelliper is cleaning up  
04.17.2002 Additional Screens FragZone
Hanging around town That...that evil smile! Take this!
I have come to do battle with you. Is that...a gas mask? Walking in some foggy mountains
03.15.2002 First Screens IGN
Walking on water Leaving a trail anyone can follow Dangerously close to the edge
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