Pokémon Emerald - Screen Shots
07.28.04 First screens Source: The Magicbox
Title screen A confrontation with Team Aqua Walking around a restaurant
Where's my umbrella? A Pokébattle Pokésilhouettes
Poor poor whale thing. Someone call PETA. This is what a Pokémon/Metal Gear hybrid game would look like Another Pokébattle about to go down
Well this is an unexpected duo Two Pokémon duking it out Same Pokémon, same battle, slightly different posture
Who's that yellow Pokémon? Whoever he is, he looks happy "I'm sorry, I'll have to see some ID."
Walking through some arches Walking some more About to put the moves on some girlie
Riding a hoverboard? Big ol' building Sweet, video poker
Status screen Move it! A tournament bracket
A Pokémon trainer? A brewing Pokébattle I bet it smells awful in there
Just standing around Talking to a girlie These guys need a better interior decorator
Having another conversation Standing outside a house Different character standing outside a house
These guys look like trouble
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