TGS 2007 Coverage - Infinite Undiscovery Interview

Infinite Undiscovery

Developer: tri-Ace
Publisher: Square Enix & Microsoft
Release Date: TBA

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Infinite Undiscovery Interview with Hiroshi Ogawa
and Hajime Kojima

    One of the more surprising announcements at the 2007 Tokyo Game Show was the unveiling of a new action RPG for the Xbox 360, Infinite Undiscovery. Produced by tri-Ace and Square Enix, it was first shown as a brief trailer to selected media outlets. While the trailer and initial press release didn't reveal much, RPGamer got a chance to sit down and interview two of the project's leaders: director Hiroshi Ogawa and producer Hajime Kojima, both who have worked extensively with other Square Enix and tri-Ace products. Through their interpreter, we got to hear a lot more about what the game is about.

    Despite certain elements of the story that are either not finished or kept secret, the general plot focuses on a world and its people that gets power from the moon. A certain force has chained the power of the moon and as such is slowly killing off the planet, so the quest of the hero and the lead character is to break those chains. It appears that the lead character and hero are separate characters altogether, although both of them look identical; a point which was highlighted by both Ogawa and Kojima. Players can control a party of up to four characters, with several others available in reserve.

    In the interview it was confirmed that the music for the game will be done by veteran composer Motoi Sakuraba, as he has worked extensively with both tri-Ace and Square Enix before. As the game is more of a fantasy setting, the music will be in done in an orchestral style, although which orchestra will be doing the music is unknown at this point. The game's controls will also be quite similar to that of Star Ocean 3, although the specifics of battles are quite different, as the transition is seamless.

    Among various factors affecting gameplay, one of the biggest is weather conditions. Things like a tsunami, fire, or an earthquake have the ability to affect the environment as well as alter battle conditions, and possibly affect various elements of the story. Also, the game places heavy emphasis on actions and discoveries taken by the player, as well as things that are not discovered. The game's title reflects this, even though the word "undiscovery" doesn't exist in the English language; this was well known to the team before choosing the title.

    For the game's graphics, it will be done using an entirely new game engine developed in-house. This engine is being used largely to take advantage of the new capabilities of the 360 over consoles from previous generations. While the reasons for choosing the 360 over other consoles were deliberately kept secret due to business considerations, it was easy to generate a realistic atmosphere and depth perception for the game, among other things.

    While the announcement of the game is recent news, the idea behind the game is almost 10 years old, and development has been going on with this game for about 4 years; the project finally gained top priority two years ago. Infinite Undiscovery's release date is undetermined in both Japan and overseas markets, as the game is still in the early stages of development. However, it was confirmed that the game will have about 30-40 hours of gameplay, and that it will be impossible to fit on one DVD. It is unknown whether this will be the beginning of a series, but despite having a lot of familiar gameplay elements, this will be an entirely new game compared to other tri-Ace titles. RPGamer will keep you posted in the future about any other news regarding the game.

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