Zill O'll - Screen Shots
Revised 02.07.04 Assorted screenies.
A battle in a town. A battle in a town...but with more minions. Character powering up for an attack.
Battle with an element menu. The party in battle. Conversation with Jiraku.
Conversation with Natsuji. Conversation with Zenetesu. In the woods with Furinto.
Talking with Roi. The chubby man made someone angry! A female character.
Zenetesu. A really big stone temple. Nice looking bar.
Two guys, a sword, and a field of dead bodies. A harbor. A river runs through the town.
The beasties in the forest. Two stone figures carved into the entrance of a cave. A small town road.
A ship dock. The World Map More people laying dead in the town square.
A Kentucky-style village? O' amber waves of grain! A town.
Party status screen. Natsuji's status screen. Airiso's status screen.
Menu screen.
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