Vanguard Bandits - Screen Shots
07.27.2000 New Screens
Sadira's ability list The mech charges Showing off his weapon
A slash across the body No more jokes for Franco Bad, bad mechs!
We must stop the bandits! Anime shot of Bastion Bastion in battle
Preparing for the battle Cecelia greets everyone Is Cecelia still a child?
Between enemy lines Duyere and his mech The Empire's territory
Equip your characters! Collect your exp and money Faulkner speaks
Anime shot of Faulkner What a flirt Franco's turn!
Halak celebrates Talk to your friends daily The world map
Level up! The empire is large The end of chapter seven
Move your mechs! No candy for you! Asking about Galvas
We have his respect Random saves Start screen
Too easy, of course! We can always trust him  
06.09.2000 E3 Screens Source: Human
Anime Duyere & his mech Logan & his mech
Ziera & his mech Alden & his mech Sneer
Face off Epic battle The good guys
Character affinity Cliché Condescention vs cockyness
Chick vs. soldier More cockyness The taste is bitter
Smackdown "Grahhh!" "Gwahhhh!"
Ice attack vs. style mech battle Overzealousness
Trash-talkin That's gonna leave a mark What's an "atac"?
Stategy Royal conversation Ahh, atac = mech
  First Screens  
Cheesy battle line Discussion by abandoned house Weak defeat
Mech battle Testing strength Mech emits beams of light
Fire! Anime characters Anime mechs
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