Legend of Dragoon - Screen Shots
06.29.2000 FMV Screenshots
Opening FMV Opening FMV Part 2 Opening FMV Part 3
Legend of Dragoon logo Opening FMV part 4 FMV Collage
City Scape Light Beam Explosion
Town in Flames More Town in Flames Statue Models
Fountain Overhead Town shot Town ablaze
The Moon that Never Sets Shana Mysterious Knight
Cloaked Figure Light Beams Within a spell
Dragoon Flying in an ancient City City in the skies Glowing magic
Ancient City Dragoon Night in the Town of Fletz
Black Monster Old Drawings Still Moon glows red
06.20.2000 Many More Screenshots!
The in-battle menu Light can be a bad thing More bad thing
Another Battle Menu Invoking Double Slash! Mmmm...Dragoon Battle
Dragoon Transformation More Transformation Even More Transformation
I am what I am! Dragoons Fight Differently Getting the Just Rewards
The Main Menu A Fort Visiting Royalty
Weird Intro Introduction More Introduction
Introduction Again More Intro Watch your footing...
Make sure you say goodbye CG is good CG is good in purple, too
More CG Ancient Drawings? More Ancient Drawings
Even More Ancient Drawings Old Drawings Still Old Drawings are good
Nice View! A Silhouette OW!
The Start Menu Title Screen  
03.26.2000 English Screens Galore! Source: PSX IGN 
Staff to the groin. Ow. Pierce the sky! Fighting a large...thing
Fog? In battle? Impressive. Fear the power-up! Press X now!
Explosion in the distance Beautiful battle environments Close-up of the archer
Fire is fun Sword fight! What IS that?!
Evil looking attack Emperor Doel shall die! A tornado attack!
Brace yourself! A slash to the chest! Follow the light...
Beautiful town shot "Prepare for battle" "Get AWAY from me!"
"Perhaps now we could take it on?" Powerful warriors "DIE, soldier scum!"
That's a lot of fire... One on one--a true fight The world map!
Gre--little balls of fire! Very impressive looking spell "CHARGE!" Nah, too cliche
Feel the tension Oww... The archer poses for the camera
Morphing into something, perhaps? A church of some sort? Eerie green glow
Power up attack NOW! Nice form, solid swing; result: dead soldier Run for your life!
"I mean business." Title screen Town square, perhaps?
"I'd hate to see the spider that made THIS!" This doesn't look good... Another close-up of the archer
"Step forward." Interesting looking attack... You look familiar...
What's that on the ground there? ...he's crazy.  
01.23.2000 New American Screens Source: IGN 
A building In battle  
11.24.1999 Screens from the Japanese Demo Source: The GIA 
A combo attack 2 3 4 Another attack sequence 2 3 4 5 6 Explosion! 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12
A healing spell 2 3 4 5 6 7 8    
09.24.1999 "New" Screens Source: Gamespot 
An interesting meeting place On the staircase Gathered in a ruined city (2)
A confusing area Dangerous looking room Perilous path
Watch out for the skeletons    
09.17.1999 TGS' 99 Source: IGN 
Giant stone faces surrounding a circular doorway Crossing a river A powerful crystal? Or maybe an eye?
Wicked looking tree Mechanical beings Gathered in a ruined city
Evil looking face Preparing to fight a monster Crossing a large stone bridge
Stunning image of the hero A church  
09.09.1999 Assorted Images Source: Magicbox
A meeting CG Collage Inside a city
A pair of soldiers A lovely beach  
09.02.1999 First Screens Source:
CG dragons CG ruined cityscape A nexus?
Icy paths Floating city Dazzling magic?
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