Omega Quintet  
Omega Quintet

While the future looks grimdark, the heroines are anything but. Quintet! *ω*

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· Compile Heart

Compile Heart Japan
Idea Factory International US
Idea Factory International Europe

  Release Date  
10.02.2014 Japan
Q2.2015 US
Q2.2015 Europe
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·Omega Quintet Hits Steam December 15 12.06.2017  
·Omega Quintet PC Release Under the Spotlight 11.30.2017  
·Omega Quintet Steaming up PCs with a Beta Test 09.05.2017  
·Omega Quintet Booked for PC 04.14.2017  
·Omega Quintet Limited Edition Announced 03.27.2015  
·Idea Factory Gives Omega Quintet Some Promotion 03.26.2015  
·Omega Quintet Adds North America and Europe Tour Dates 03.19.2015  
·Omega Quintet Opens the Show 02.20.2015  
·Omega Quintet Goes on a World Tour 11.20.2014  

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