Okage: Shadow King - Screen Shots
05.12.2001 First Screens
Fighting a large pink alligator ZAP Standing knee-deep in snow
Cotton candy things Putting a town in perspective A lively village
That guy on the left creeps me out Under Stanic influences I dare you to spend one night alone in there
Talking with Dad He's pretty friendly once you get to know him Not a great depth of character
Got something on your shoulder, buddy Not something you see everyday Did he say something interesting?
I sense something bad is about to happen Off on an adventure Dad imparts great wisdom
What's in the bottle? Annie says something Talking to strangers
I wonder who this guy is Flames burst forth Extreme close-up
Icicles of DOOM Don't touch the cactus Overdrive
Hit by a tornado A strange enemy appears Yet another game with umbrellas for weapons
I hate sleep status Hmm...bad armor
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