EverQuest - Screen Shots
02.05.2005 Dragons of Norrath Screens
Asian-looking architecture Creepy More of that Asian-type area
Hot! You'd never guess he was almost in "Saturday Night Fever" I'm no physics master, but that head should be throwing him off-balance
Scary dragon Scary man Scary place
He can dance!
10.01.2002 Plains of Power Screens
Giant bat attack And what big teeth you have! Perfect for a bug collection
It can cast magic! Lurking in the shadows Here it comes!
Three characters The heat of battle Blue skinned killer
'Heal my allies' I have escaped the maze Attack of the killer treants
Protective magic
09.07.2001 First Screens
Breath of fire Breath of ice A bunch of menus
Fighting the dead in a forest Screaming for fun Woodland fortress
Within the town walls Looking around for its next victim Supplication
*Shudder* Strange monoliths Battling scorpions
A gray structure Catapult of DOOM Outside a temple
Polly want a cracker? Now that's odd Wolf magic
Duh, I'm hungry A nasty blood-sucker Colorful weapons
Animal friends Fireballs A more realistic scorpion
A gorge bridge The blob rises from the ground Pick on someone your own size!
Lizard vs. dinosaur In an ancient temple Under the dragon star
Down the ramp Duh, why are my feet wet? That sucks
Desert war Forest war Clearing war
Under a blood-red sky Uh...elephant Lacking such things as skin
Looks like Ico Shark attack In a state of decay
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