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Sands of Destruction
Developer: imageepoch
Publisher: Sega
Release Date: 2010

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Break the Shell of the World!

As I walked around Fan Expo, I had the chance to stop by the Sega booth where some game stations were set up for three of their upcoming titles. I immediately noticed there was a station opened for Sands of Destruction and jumped at the chance to test the game out. Not a lot is really known about Sands of Destruction but this impression will cover the introduction to the world, some of its characters, and a brief look at the combat system.

"Needless to say the game is pleasant to look at, the combat is fast, and I can safely say this title is now definitely on my radar."

At the beginning of the game I was introduced to two characters: Rajiv and Naja, both slaves to the Ferals, an anthropomorphic race who despise humans. Humans have become slaves to the Ferals, and in their enslavement, a group called the "World Annihilation Front" wishes to destroy these oppressors. The World Annihilation Front wishes to reclaim their world and decide to fight against the faction known as the "World Salvation Committee". Rajiv and Naja oppose the World Salvation Committee and are slowly banding their own group of slaves together to overthrow the city in which they are enslaved. However, things don't entirely go as planned when they meet a woman named Morte, leader of the World Annihilation Front. Armed with a large sword and sassy attitude to boot, I was forced into combat with her, though Rajiv and Naja seemed conflicted by this encounter.

In this opening battle the game provides a basic tutorial to how the combat works in Sands of Destruction. Combat is turn-based, but it uses a Battle Point (BP) system. A character can attack as many times on their turn as they wish as long as they have BP to support their attacks. Pressing the X button causes a fatal blow, while pressing Y unleashes a fury attack. If a player taps X and Y simultaneously, characters can preform combos until their BP is depleted. Characters can also defend or end their turn while pressing the B button.

The opening battle was fast-paced and fairly short because I was only able to control Naja's movements. During the battle, players come to realize Morte's intentions and that she wants to destroy the world because she opposes the Ferals' rule. After the battle ends, the game switches perspective to the real protagonist of the game, Kyrie, although by the time I reached Kyrie's point of view, I had hogged enough of the game station that I felt I needed to let another con attendee have a fair shake with the game.

While the spites don't look very polished, the environments look luscious and full. The setting is far more colourful then I'd ever imagine coming from a game with the word "sand" in its title. Needless to say the game is pleasant to look at, the combat is fast, and I can safely say this title is now definitely on my radar. Hopefully Sega will provide more detailed news related to Sands of Destruction soon, as I know many RPGamers are eagerly anticipating this game's release.

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