Lord of the Rings: The Third Age - Screen Shots
08.06.2004 Playstation 2 Screens
Bloody Light! Should the sun be that low? When lightning goes bad
Turn-based Ring action A shrine to the Balrog Cave troll hit hard
Fear the shiny hammer Gandalf and the Balrog? A hammer that shines like no other
Balrog.... your hair's on fire
08.06.2004 Xbox Screens
The blue light is mightier than the hammer A headache.... and now this. What a bad day Forgetting the plan and deciding to run: Priceless
A troll of a different beat Energy Arrow
08.06.2004 Game Boy Advance Screens
A round of lightning? Then he realized that he was overdressed Floating battle arena?
Heading towards battle Wow! It snowed Does that castle look like it's getting closer?
When walking on walls became natural Heading through the forrest This makes it a little harder to attack
Land ho!! Elven across the screen Ok, so they decided to stay close to the boat
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