The Bard's Tale - Screen Shots
10.21.2004 Big Pile o' Screens Source: 3dGamers
Beer drinking zombies? Oh! They're dancin'! Buurrr..
I need a bath. Pride and joy Battle chaos
And now for your brother! Stabbed S&M action
More fun in the S&M dungeon Once you go morning star, you never go back. Sparks are flying
Ugly and fugly Coolest pants ever He likes his mohawk.
I see you've noticed my sword. This is why you trim your hedges. And plow your driveway...
Cornered On the offensive More morning star action
Nice lighting effects Green grass Cute puppy
More goblin bashing Something interesting in the rubbish? Poor doggies, they just want to be friends
Thunder elemental Fire elemental Vermin
Time for some rat stabbing! Dust your cobwebs! Save the puppy!
Are you threatening me? Exactly I can't tell the bad guys from the good.
Why yes, I am spoony. More bashing My foot!
A swing and a miss! I'll just take a little nap. And I am yours, ugly guy.
Standing around My money is on the puppy. Sad...
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