Ash - Demo Impression


Developer: SRRN Games
Publisher: SRRN Games
Release Date: TBA


Listen up, men!

Don't murder old people.

World map.

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An iPhone RPG Worth Playing?

If you haven't heard of this particular RPG, don't worry. It hasn't received much, if any, attention at this point, and is still quite early in development. If you were expecting an impression of a certain hot archaic game about seals, you're pretty far off. Ash is an independently developed traditional RPG for the iPhone, and after playing through an early demo, it's looking quite promising.

" SRRN Games has developed a complex and cohesive world for its title. "

Ash follows a pair of soldiers-turned-mercenaries, a grizzled veteran named Nicholas and a young man named Damien. Five years ago they were involved in some sort of war, but that war is over, and now the pair are hiding from the Empire. The details of the plot and world aren't expounded upon in great detail during the demo, but a lot of name-dropping goes on, and it seems that SRRN Games has developed a complex and cohesive world for its title.

The engine is quite impressive, despite the simplicity of the gameplay. It features intuitive, responsive controls and nice additional UI elements such as the ability to rewind segments of dialogue, should you mistakenly go too far. The game's visuals also sport a very attractive 2D style that's been licensed from Enterbrain's RPGMaker VX.

Although Ash is shaping up well, there are still some game balance issues that need to be worked out. Combat is a rather simple turn-based affair, but attacks are easy and quick to select, which helps to speed things along. Unfortunately, the encounter rate is a tad high, and enemies are a bit too powerful, with too few healing items made available. These are all issues that are being worked on, however, so hopefully the final product will show improvement.

There's no word yet as to when Ash will see release, nor how much it will be selling for, but keep checking back at RPGamer for more news as it becomes available. I for one am looking forward to seeing how it turns out.

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