Mega Man Battle Network - Screen Shots
01.31.2002 Chunky Screens  
Running on a bridge Multiple fires Not another virus!
Valley girl? Swirl A classroom
Follow instructions A wide shot A good swing?
Are too senile Responsibility Is it really?
Top secret info Get some items Dashing on a circuit
Ready...aim... Data What's the wait?
Burned cooking Unsolved mystery Power Up
Deleted?! Boom boom A new program
Silly, kids FIRE! Beam me up, Scotty
.EXE hits multiple targets Energy wave Kaboom to be
Identity crisis Pyromaniac in training Pyromaniac performs
Great Balls of Fire High damage level One on one
Oh, boy! School! Hustle it More classroom
Nice hobby Boo? How backwards
Dual-coloured battlefiend Look out! Pushing back
Whee, it flies No, it's not okay Shhhhhhh
Dun dun dun... An exciting discovery What, no three finger salute?
Stay in school, kids Will you blow up? More data
An odd enemy Travelling bridges A walking garbage can
Bridges slope, too Saving your progress Snazzy
Looks ominous Someone's waiting Watch out for those trees?
Evil awaits You underestimated Hip Hip Hooray!
Odd little enemies Walking toasters Busy intersection
Frosty The title screen  
06.23.2001 First Screens
Standing by a keyboard A rather nice room He doesn't look too happy
Talking in the kitchen Menus Attention students
Loitering is always fun Examining a desk Conversation is a must
The Chalkboard of the Future Inside the network Battle Start!
Battling Hardhats Inside a house Using an item in battle
The mighty .exe    
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