Lost Kingdoms - Screen Shots
04.20.2002 Everyone likes big screens even more
Lizard battle Sword swoops Gigantic wolf
Giant oddities Indoor explosion  
03.21.2002 Everyone likes small screens
Against the sky A circular platform In battle
Knight in shining armor Within the void Card info
Card riding Triple triad Big magic circles
Outside the gates A floating sparkly thing The ice plains
10.11.01 1 Lonesome Screen IGN
The skullthrower    
08.31.01 More Screens
A dragon framed by a trippy background Walking across a field Behold, the power of the card
Multiple enemies Fighting yet another strange thing Circular motion
Creepy Demonic visions  
08.23.01 Spaceworld Screens IGN
Pick a card In battle  
08.03.01 Preview Screen IGN
The Heroine?  
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