Shadowbane - Screen Shots
03.14.2003 Even More Screens
A quiet desert town Don't look behind you Sparkle sparkle
A walk in the moonlit forest My hair does more damage then these things I wouldn't want to paint that
Everyone gather around now A walking lighting magnet Nice... kitty?
Oh sure, gang up on little ol' me Catapults. Lots of catapults. Charge!
Your tree is on fire
09.19.2002 More Screens
America's national symbol takes to battle An elvish city The medieval way of making fried chicken
An Irekei male fighter Kneeling before a statue "We must defeat the evil Knights who say Ni!"
A magical place He had too much chilli for dinner!  
07.21.2002 Assorted Screens
Being chased by an Ogre A full moon rises About to whip the arctic grobold
A minotaur in battle Minotaur vs. Gargoyle "I'll hide behind this shrubery."
Fear the almighty muffin man! Bright ball of light Sparklers
The poor dude has nobody to fight This player likes to use daggers He wishes he had Hair Club for Men
A player stands victorious "I want Hair Club for Men too!" Seems nobody else is around
He wasted all his money on that nice shield "Where did those punk kids who stole my money go?!" Bob, such an imaginitive name...
His distant cousin goes by the name Skywalker Centaurs just plain kick butt This one doesn't need weapons!
"I dare ya to attack me!" Grim indeed The lone participant in the cross-dressing contest
Now this guy NEEDS a weapon Does this one live up to his last name? Yellow glowing thingys surround him
Bow Slingers look mighty tough! Yet another player standing around, minding his own beeswax Finally, a player choosing to be a beast
Facesplitting isn't all that bad... A red dragon Battle!
Casting magic A good look at the interface "I'm going to make it rain!"
The wyrmscale armor looks sweet    
12.06.2001 Second Look
Creating an Creating a human Standing up against the minotaur
Among the rocks That is one giant skeleton Blasted cabins
Bull Uh, over that way some Well protected
Swamp thing Inside a building The swamp thing slayer
The fairgrounds Night fight Hiding in the fronds
Good job indeed CRIPES, that's scary! Monkeyman
Enraged monkeyman Such frightening words Trip to Egypt
Lost in the weeds Wolf vs. Centaur It's THAT THING again!
Argannon the Black Giant desert scorpions Within the temple
Fighting in the ruins With a spear, you can defeat anyone Along the walls
Under a killing moon Killing time A nifty catapult
01.14.2000 First Look
An armed meeting Attack! Charging into battle
A small fortification The character "Angus" Casting a spell
Battling skeletons A wall of fire Calling a boat?
Twilight A sea monster! Bowing before a barbarian
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