Might & Magic X Legacy  
Might & Magic X Legacy

Might & Magic X Legacy brings a new chapter to the Might & Magic RPG series, with both the unique core formula and a new set of improved and fine-tuned features. Create and lead your group into an exciting world and battle powerful mythical creatures while collecting ancient magical treasures. Through a turn-based gameplay system, defeat creatures and bosses to accomplish unique quests and make your way through dangerous dungeons, cities and labyrinths full of traps.

· Unknown

· Limbic Entertainment

Ubisoft US
Ubisoft Europe

  Release Date  
2013 US
2013 Europe
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·Might & Magic X: Legacy DLC Available Now 04.08.2014  
·Might & Magic X: Legacy Out Now 01.24.2014  
·Might & Magic X Respects Its Legacy 03.22.2013  

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