Shin Megami Tensei: Digital Devil Saga - Screen Shots
12.18.2004 Gameplay, walking around the map, and story scenes
Eating someone...heh Blurry purple attack Demon Macha
Enemies buffing up Weakness status alignment Transforming
The heroes getting smacked Running on the map Dialogue
Serph's level up status screen Targetting an enemy A pink haired broad
Using Crossfire Attacking Glowing hand scene
03.03.2004 First Glance(s)
A cel-shaded feel Just past the head statue To be revealing
Neverender Soothing rings Pinning a target
Captain longneck Kneel to the fallen Light unseen
Blasting a biggie Majestic auras Some red handed sleight of hand
Blaze through the corpses Hallway, complete with minimap Status menu for character and demon
Orcs be near! Another angle of altitude A clan duel
The demon within Grasp at the pain Ummm... no comment
Round 1... FIGHT! Desperation in the eyes... Positivity
With deep regret One pissed off catdog Collecting natural energies
Aeronautics The power of range Old greeneyes seems sad
"This hair is made of wax"
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