Paper Mario 2 - Screen Shots
06.09.2004 Some new, some updated Source: The Magic Box
Negative Land! Hey Koopa! Gifted Genie
Allergies, Ho! A-A-A-A-A Purple Wizards
Zepplin Flying Choices... 1!
More Choices... Smash-O-Crash Talking to Flowers Now?
His Head Exclaimed. Speechless Toadstool Pedastal Feeling Again
Electrocution With Boobs Acid Trip Luigi Looking Out
04.20.2004 The First Bunch Source: Game-Science
Quite the role play Cute ship Break out the key Koops
What's up with Toad? Don't worry, Mario can take him Hangin' with the Lou-eej
Bound to be buried... 2/3 the way there! No comment
He's got nothin' A possible tutorial Mario's Spaghetti Western
As thin as paper Mail duty Taking flight
Can't stop the beat Pure madness Mario the Magician
Arrrr, we be pirates matey Really getting airborne Wares
Personally... I couldn't tell ya One intriguing conversation One sexay bowtie
Continuous flight patterns Is there a flow to this title? Feelin' the pedastal
Let Goomba handle this one Trudging
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