Sorcery Saga: Curse of the Great Curry God  
Sorcery Saga

Compile Heart formally adopts a game IP older than itself to bring us this re-imagined version of the classic Madou Monogatari. Fear the cuteness. Known in Japan as Sei Madou Monogatari.

· PS Vita

·  Compile Heart

Compile Heart Japan
Aksys US
Rising Star Games Europe

  Release Date  
3.28.2013 Japan
12.10.2013 US
2014 Europe
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·Sorcery Saga's European Release Gets Prepared 02.07.2014  
·Sorcery Saga Launches with Instructional Trailer 12.11.2013  
·Sorcery Saga to be Served Soon 11.05.2013  
·Aksys Serves Up a Sorcery Saga Limited Edition 10.09.2013  
·Aksys Curries Favour in North America 07.08.2013  

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