Lufia Gaiden - Screen Shots
03.07.2003 More Screens
No ones cut the bushes lately This rope won't hold me The jungle
One monster kills all So you want to go out tonight? Menus
What are we standing out here for? Where is the door again?
10.25.2002 Massive Lufia Legend Screen Update
Title Screen, "Press Start" Prepping the attack... Where'd my menu go!?
Coming soon: Magic Almost casting a spell. Whammo!
Your guy and Thomas! On the horizon... Lookie! An Aztec temple!
The ENTIRE world map. A town on the world map. The four dragons.
Get mo' sleep! Feel the love. Running out of a shop...THIEF!
Kick Thomas?(yes)(no) A flashback!? Another flashback?!
Marketplace. Thomas with... a girl...! What're you doing to that chicken!?
Dialogue. More discussion with Thomas. He don't look so happy...
Math is hard, let's go shopping! Enter in a name. Seven fat Gs for a sword? Sweet!
Now, go kill something! I wish I could read this.
03.08.2002 Some More Screens
The four dragons converge Battle in the mountains Battle sphere
Woodland fight    
12.04.01 Miscellaneous Screens Magic Box
Mmm...foresty More battle Entering a house
A hook-shot?    
09.16.2001 First Screens Famitsu
Battling with a big blue dragon In a crystal cavern Putting the whip to one of possibly many uses
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