Legend of Legaia - Screen Shots
The World of Legaia
Topside view of Sol Tower The Floating Castle Overhead of Buma, Lake Town
Uru Mais Koru: The Heat is On A Genesis Tree Cleanses the Land
Floating Castle Close-up Floating Castle, again Broken Floating Castle
Big Momma Genesis Tree Juggernaut, lookin' different "Lookie the stars, Ma!"
A..different..Rim Elm Mother Genesis Tree On top of Mt. Dhini..
Soren Air-Drop Service The Usha Research Center  
Battle Scenes
Big fire-laden ouchie About to hit! Vahn using an Art
"Baka" (stupid) Fighter Layin' down the Baka Smack I love you Spoon!
Aluru's Spell: Final Blast Freed's Spell: Freezing Point Spoon's Spell: Holy Eyes
Vera's Spell: Mystic Care Nighto's Spell: Hell's Music Barra's Spell: Hell's Dive
Hell's Dive: Part two Kemaro's Spell: Canine Fangs Slippery's Spell: Deadly Rain
Berserker Zeto Calls a Big Wave Gi Delilas' Blazing Slash
Songi's Genocidal Cannon Caruban Songi's Chaos Flare
Chaos Flare - Talk about ouch Jette makes a clone of himself The death of a boss
Zora's Dark Typhoon Puera asks: "Wanna play a game?" Dohati
Choose your destiny This is going to hurt... Gi Delilas
The Guilty Cross attack Jette - Big bad clonin' guy SMOOCH!
Rogue, evil ra-seru Rogue lights your fire ...and shocks you wild
...then blows you away Songi - Biron's Shame Want a Seru? 'Course ya do!
Xain's Terio Punch Xain throws it all at you Gilium lets loose the thunder
Freed lets loose the Water Crystals Xain Zora
He's a big, scary... Spoon? He just needs the spikey blond hair...  
People and Places
"I have a small butt..." Our three heroes take a break No Waterskiing!?
Cara and some Genesis Trees Fishing - Legaia Style The Delias Family
Frozen Genesis Pop Fishing spot Is Cara hiding something?
Miracle Grow+Genesis Tree Never too young to party! The Muscle Dome
Awww, Vahn, you made her sad! Now you're gonna get it... A king and queen with their child
Water-proof cane, eh? "Play it again, Sam" Noa and some Genesis Trees
Giving power to the trees Inside of Drake Castle In a cave with Villagers
Conversation Shot 1 Conversation Shot 2 Vahn in an underground dungeon
The Town's Hunters Rim Elm's Genesis Tree Vahn and Mei
More Rim Elm Even MORE Rim Elm Kids around the Genesis Tree
More Mei and Vahn Vahn and the Village Elder Modes of Transport
At the Biron Monastery Looking out over the coast In a city
First meeting Gala That's a lot of water.. Biron Training Lesson
A Flashback From FMV Sol Tower
Healing the Genesis Tree A hurt Villager "Oh my!"
People at the beach More people at the beach Cara and Grantes
Cara shows the heroes something Cara, carried by Grantes Caught a charger!
Che Delilas Che Delilas, from the past Conkram of the past
People of Conkram's past Prince Cort Cort, threatening
Cort, again Cort, with Zora in the past Close-up of Cort
Cort, Jette, and Zora in the past ...and again Cort in a protective cocoon
Cort gets a facial A crystal walkway At the Dance club in Sol
A mist generator gets destroyed Dohati in the past "Through the Looking Glass"
A restored Castle Of Drake Holding on for dear life ..or not
"I think I got fat..." An unhappy Songi Flying Air-Soren
A nice view from up there "All aboard!" The Flying Train takes off
Up, up, and away! The Gate of Hell Gi Delilas, in the past
Grantes can fly! A human is freed from the mist The Hunter's Spring
Inside Juggernaut Cort and Jette in the past Eww, are those intestines?
One big, ugly Seru Don't wake him up, Noa! Juggernaut sleeps in the Lake of Mist
He looks hungry... Not a change for the better What's that around his head?
King Nebular The Lake of Mist So much love!
Lu Delilas, in the past True Love.. or something Maya, part of Juggernaut
Mei, trapped in Juggernaut as well Seru going wild "We call it.. The Mist"
Path to the Mother Genesis Tree Reassuring Noa Noa cries for lost souls
Inside Noa's Dreams Noa, a saddened warrior Ra-Seru take a break to talk
"We can't stop it!" See you on the flip side, Gala Pray for the life of the Tree!
Queen Minea Ratayu's Soldiers are happy... Rim Elm's folks say thanks
Rogue, the renegade Ra-Seru.. Rogue's Tower fades in... ...and out between living and normal
Going to the Seru-Kai Oh, look who's here.. The Ra-Seru say goodbye
Songi thinks highly of himself Songi, on the throne Flying with the Soren
The Soren check you out "I said G-E-N-T-L-Y!" Can you do better?
Conkram's throne in the past... ...and in the present Tieg, god of Legaia
In a deep tunnel Talking with Dr. Usha Vahn helps a little girl
Vahn and his girlfriend Vahn and his family Vahn, dishearted
Through space and time, they journey "Let's get out of here!" Warping to the past
The nice scenery in Legaia Zeto, in the past "Ooh, are those wings?"
Zora, defeated Zora, in the past  
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