Lineage II: The Chaotic Chronicle - Screen Shots

03.24.2004 More Screens Again
Ooo pretty colors. What's this? Light! It's breaking apart
Run man In the middle of nowhere The group follows
Where they running to? King of the hill Deep dark dungeon
Taking a break at the local waterfall Look where I'm at Mom This isn't good for your eyes
The sun set The pathway Lots of open land
Time out my shoe fell off Ya I'm hungry
No food here Anyone have food? The night comes
Big bad dragon Massacre The town
The dried up well Old town Broken down temple
They don't make them like this anymore View out Shhh this is a library
Need a new outfit Lost The dwarves
And their town The concerned woman A small forest
That's smart build a town over water Magic boy Town that needs to grow
Nice... This isn't creepy The world IS an irrational battlefield
No no, new wish please Pretty And old cliff side trail
02.28.2004 More Screens
Waiting for something. Pretty glow Battle stance
A man and his... wolf Outside a cave A large room
A fountain with water running down In some town "Have any pants?"
A large view In the bushes Looking for a fish
Monsters roaming Her home Looking for some pants again
Entering Nice angle You can see through the floor
Leaving the library Running In the middle of no where
Monsters coming Nice dress Title screen
The character Joining the group This is a first...
A whole bunch of people Where did she go? Another big town
Drawing Spooky Poor monster
Standing around Big mushroom Night has fallen
Little girls In the horizon Running to the moon
A huge bridge Leaving the busy town And going into another one
Where are they off to? On the sidelines Nice club
10.07.2003 Screenshots that make you go hmm
Meet Ophylia Looking at armor Why does everyone stare off into the distance?
Old fashioned exterminatin' Ophylia is inside Ophylia is checkin' out Shikken
Ophylia found a party Ophylia is still hangin' with that party Man Ophylia sure is popular
Run!!! Layin' the smack down Uh oh, more spiders
Two pale and tragic people Shikken and Sieghardt gang up on a monster Ha! I have a shield!
Ophylia knows Sieghardt too Guess they got tired of Ophylia Ophylia isn't interested in the conversation
Trees give shade Ooo lens flare More lens flare!
Even more lens flare!!!
05.23.2003 E3 Screens
Runnin' at'cha Three chicks + Magic That is one big...thing
Looking Up Desolate Village Another Desolate Village
Chicks on Reptiles Swoon, boys, swoon. Clash of Swords
Battlefield Fun!
05.25.2002 E3 Screens
The moon peaks over the hills Looking past a large tree Blue skies
View of a town from above Closer in, at a different angle Sword drawn
Wading in Headed down to the lava Standing in a rotunda-like area
A mysterious globe On higher ground Something's at the end of the hallway...
Standing around Walking through the doorway From whence she came
A nice torch-lit area Ruins Clad in heavy armor
Heading towards the building A bit of fog seems to have settled in The day draws to a close
Powerful sword? Perhaps! A look into town Sword and shield to his sides
Quite a contraption, there The grand castle How to identify a place of evil
The great hall
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