Lineage II: The Chaotic Chronicle - Artwork

03.24.2004 More artwork
Taking a break Blending in The view
Town on fire Flee in terror Street market
Female Dwarf Ogre Dark Armor
Skeleton Archer Harpy Eagle
Orc Skeleton Archer again Spider
Dark Hall Statue Underground Temple?
The cover of a story Dark Elf Symbol Dwarf Symbol
Elf Symbol Human Symbol Orc Symbol
Sword Shield Ring
10.07.2003 Character art and weapons to wet your whistle
Crumbling tower Stadium Village
Castle gate winding tower Axes
Pointy things Long sharp pointy things The Bonze House
Idea for Dragon's Hill Barbian type person Tragic elfy girl
Tricky elfy guy Skirted short girl The dwarvish race always gets the cool gadgets
Spikey man Big hammer lady Clawy pale and tragic girl
Clawy pale and tragic guy Warrior lady from behind Warrior dude ready for action
Assembled shot
05.23.2003 E3 Artwork
Woman elf - odd weapon Woman elf - sword Male human - sword
Circle of Warriors Beautiful landscape
05.25.2002 Concept Art
A castle Hill landscape Doesn't look like a pleasant place...
Is that a fountain? Odd. A quaint village A tall tower
Floating A tree with...a face! Growing in the lake
The Valley of the Dragons Wielding a powerful sword Completely enveloped by armor
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