Kingdom Hearts - Screen Shots
10.02.2002 Final Mix Screens
Sora needs some help! Icy Breath The Ice Titan emerges
That was a close one... It can fly?! Fire headed your way
Protective barrier This one could hurt... Sephiroth practices dark magic
Sora isn't going to survive this one Enter...Sephiroth! And the FFVII fans rejoiced
Pure evil Looking for the Keymaster Sora blocks an attack
Sora the Ice Cube
05.31.2002 E3 Screens
Fighting desert heartless Into the maw Graveyard battle
The walking undead Now that's a boss Fighting jafar
Pumpkins evrywhere Standing on a stump Now is not the time to talk!
Enter Jack Several scary pictures Telling secrets
Talking in the desert What a look Lock, Shock, and Barrel
Casting ice magic On a magic carpet ride What's that smell?
Resting by a stream    
05.02.2002 If you like screens, you'll like these
Ariel and Sora under the sea Summoning Bambi into battle Arch enemies
Sora gets his butt kicked Trippy lights Encased in bubbles
Battling the Heartless Captain Hook looks puzzled P-Peter Pan!
He's got Tinker Bell! Lackeys surround the group Cloud thinks about his mental problems
Group of heroes Might wanna move, or something Strange transformations
Flying in battle Sparkly! Talking with Geppetto
Cloud speaks to Hades Looking up Sitting on the ground
Kairi smiles in CG perfection King of the sea Standing tall
Standoff Pinocchio sits Riku compels you
Mmm...seafood Sora needs shells, too In a coliseum
Multiple Sora/Riku shots Sora smiles in the sunset Floating feathers
Dumbo in battle Talking to Ursula Ursula sucks...water
Ready to shoot    
03.30.2002 A Whole Bunch of New Screens
That'll hurt! More jungle fightin' Bamboo!
Swinging on a vine Fighting with a...key! Look out below!
Various attacks on a flying creature Is that Cerberus? I promise, I won't play Hearts again!
...or Spades! The whole deck's out to get me! "I fold."
It's Cid Highwind! So, he's runnin' a store now, eh. Check out those new clothes!
It's Mushu! Proof that, yes, dragons DO perch! Kupo!
Kupoppo! It's Squall! That smart-mouthed ninja is back!
Minnie and Daisy have climbed the political ladder. The royal ladies, walking past Goofy and Donald Smitten, I'd say.
Wake up! Diversity sure isn't a problem for them. Me Tarzan. This Jane.
Alert, oblivious Rage! Who could that dog BE?
Pluto has taken a liking to him! Lightning! Those good ol' Square characters!
He's late for a very important date. Now, how do I get through this door? Look at that!
Suddenly, I regretted all those decks of cards I'd lost.. Please, Queen! Help me! Phil isn't looking too happy!
But really, is he ever looking happy? Who in Hades could he be? Staring.
Tidus: Master Duelist Staring out into the ocean The mystical summon of...Dumbo!
Icy. What to buy, what to buy... Throw the barrel!
They don't seem very sociable.. Takin' a swim! I'm sorry, could you speak in English, please?
It's a beautiful sunrise And you didn't think Selphie could fight! Leaning against a tree at dusk.
Leaning against a tree...during the day. Fun climbing action. "I don't wanna talk to you."
What do you want? Faces! Hm? Oh, hi! RAGE!
11.17.2001 More Disney & Square Characters Madman's Cafe
Yuffie and Squall (?) The Wonderland crew Alice and the White Rabbit
Hercules and Donald Look, it's James Woods...I mean Hades Chipmunks (!?)
11.10.2001 Cid and Tarzan Screens The Magic Box
Closeup of Tarzan Tarzan in battle Mickey? Hitting someone?
Donald and Tarzan battle Getting ready to duke it out Tarzan's Bungaloo
Some kid battleing Boss Battle Look, it's Cid, in a Square game no less
Exploration More Battling Bow down to the Monkey God
Tarzan Jane Clayton
Apes Cid
05.23.2001 E3 Screens
Waiting for enemies Roll out the red carpet Casting fire
A Heartless foe A boss makes an appearance Slightly oversized
Jumping is a good way to avoid a giant fist What now? Familiar faces
An agreement is made Can his shoes get any bigger? Unfamiliar faces
When I grow up, I wanna save the world Relaxin' Eager
A pier at sunset Another character with an attitude Eerie backdrop
Trees really aren't that comfortable Something bad is about to happen to Riku ...and Sora, it appears
Putting a key in a keyhole. Imagine that    
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