Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories - Screen Shots
11.24.2004 Exclusive screens
Title Screen Fades in Sora and Aerith talking
Sora and friends in Agrabah Alice on trial Axel and Larxene
Confronting Axel Sora fighting some heartless Captain Hook says Arrrrr
Castle Oblivion Speaking with Cloud Prepared to attack Cloud
Ok, but don't talk about Daisy like that again! G'day Jack The before battle heart
Summoning Genie Genie preparing an attack The heartless attack
Namine writing Hades Hercules bows
Cloud to confront Hades? Halloween Town Phil looks a bit angry at Hercules
Hercules begins to talk Cloud confronts the group A heartless sneaking around?
What's that Pluto? The entrance Castle Oblivion Sora heading towards the castle
Sora is wowed by the castle Donald talking And Donald wins by a head
Donald and Goofy resting A notepad A drawing of the castle Oblivion?
The pad has been set down Goofy being..... goofy A shrouded figure
Sora smiling Sora not paying attention to where he runs And Sora saw his reflection.....
Sora gets closer Sora, Donald, and Goofy all running The logo overlapping Castle Oblivion
Talking with Mr. Skellington The bodyless horseman? Oh, it's just Jack
Jafar Jafar as a Genie Axel and Larxene again
Leveling up Just the logo Monstro
Neverland The Coliseum Boss battle time?
Signs are beginning to point to yes And then the group was trapped And a boss battle indeed
Peter Pan! And Tinkerbell too Peter and Wendy
What's up Phil? Red Hades Riku
Jack and Sally A familiar scene Simba attacks
Sora and Namine talking Sora and Namine staring Sora walking in darkness
Oops, took a wrong turn Talking with Tinkerbell Wonderland
11.10.2004 Characters and Locations Source: GamesAreFun
Arr Pirates Get back in here! If the glove does not fit, you must acquit
Want to dance? Beast Cid!
Ninja Heartless Fish Kabobs Do the Goofy dance
Oogie Boogie Some kid Oh No!
More conversation Tinkerbell Dumbo
Mulitiple energy beams Ouch More pirates
A walk in the forest Pretty colors Keyblade skill
Roar! Beast to the rescue Genie, Go!
Rock looking things To the sky I can fly
Back in black
09.21.2004 Some Screens Source: SquareNet
Bring it on, ducky Sora pondering Holy cartoons, guys, dialogue can decapitate
Battle Inverse Attack Runnin' with the ghosties
Er, I hope that comes back. Plasma ball attack Hey, your hair isn't any better!
08.06.2004 More New Screens  
Choosing your deck An enemy's card Busting open a barrel
A funny creature was hiding in the barrel Under the sea Life's always better down where it's wetter
It's, Leon I am Simba, hear me roar! Cloud slices up Halloween Town
Monkey see, monkey go bye-bye When Goofy starts spinning, get out of his way Sora makes sushi
Cloud and Hades have a chat Sora knows he can beat Hercules A hooded figure shows his face
Ursula gives cosmetic advice Ariel is sad Aeris hides from her fans in Traverse Town
06.11.2004 New screens  
Keyblade Uppercut Halloween Hammering Lightning-in-Whaling
Door Creation Curiouser and Curiouser Oogie Boogie!
Broken Card Squish It! I Hated This Thing!
Level Up? Really? Eep! Lookie, Treasure!
Card Fight Gipetto Talky-o Surrounded by Heartless
Shiney Door! Jack's Talking Sally's Talking Now
Oogie Boogie Chats Too Choose Your Enemy..erm...Block Where's My Candy?!
Climbing Spin, Spin, Spin! Ooh, Pretty.
05.13.2004 E3 Screens  
Fire attack The mysterious figure revealed Key powers activate!
Looking bummed Pinocchio A battle in the card kingdom
The queen of hearts
10.07.2003 First screens  
Fighting some Heartless Catch those HP balls Lightning strikes
Stars and flashes forever One heckuva punch Returning the favor
Under the sea? Twirling towards freedom Cloud returns
Leaping Having a little chat He doesn't look too happy
Little more cheerful now Resolute A mysterious figure
Putting on the vanishing act    
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