Revenant Saga - Deep Look

Without Effort
by Sam Wachter

Revenant Saga
Platform: Vita
Developer: Exe-Create
Publisher: Kemco
Release Date: 05.10.17 (NA)
"It's very disappointing to play a game that crashes repeatedly when you were expecting a nice, mindless, cookie-cutter experience."
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   Kemco and I have a very meh-to-hate relationship. While games like End of Serenity were inoffensive and unremarkable, Revenant Saga reminds me of a different title that gave me great trouble: Grinsia. There is nothing more entertaining than attempting to review a game that crashes on you every fifteen to twenty minutes, and sadly this has been my second title by this company where this has happened to me.

   Players take on the role of Albert, a young man seeking revenge after a mad scientist experiments on him, placing a revenant inside of his body. Players learn that Albert only signed up for the experiment when he was told that he could potentially cure his best friend's family, who've come down with a mysterious illness. Albert, being a selfless man, wants to help the people within his village, and yet his revenant side demands constant feeding. Along the way, he meets other comrades, each with the ability to transform into a more dynamic version of themselves.

   That is about all I learned in the eight hours I played. The story just never gets interesting, the characters are bland and hollow, and let's be honest, it's just a boring game all around. There's no heart, nothing that makes this world, characters or events at all compelling. While it's easy to bash Kemco for their cookie-cutter plotlines that have very little effort to them, it gets tiresome to play an RPG with such an uninspired world. As much as End of Serenity wasn't that interesting, it's very much a step above Revenant Saga, which just plods along without a care in the world.

   The battle system is also very tiresome, as auto-battle is your friend in this game. There's no strategy in this turn-based battle system, and if I wanted a battle to move even faster, using a character's transformation easily does the job, as their damage dealt is increased, damage taken decreased, and they are all-powerful during that time. The downside is that players cannot restore health or revive party members if they are incapacitated. Still, given how easy the game is, this never feels like it is something to worry about.

   I played Revenant Saga on the Vita, I am disappointed in the graphical quality. It's easy for characters to clip into objects and the 3D graphics look clunky without any real refinement. There is also the problem of the aforementioned crashing that happened throughout my playthrough. While the beginning of the game felt stable, once I hit the six-hour mark I found the game to crash every ten to twenty minutes. I had to save after every battle for fear of losing my progress. Sometimes the crashes would happen mid-battle, other times it would be just from walking around the world map. This was beyond frustrating, and while I normally am willing to go down with a sinking ship when reviewing a game, this is one of the rare occasions where I stopped, said enough, and then deleted the game off my Vita without giving it even a second thought.

   Kemco and I are just not meant to be friends. It's very disappointing to play a game that crashes repeatedly when you were expecting a nice, mindless, cookie-cutter experience. What I got was a broken game with no heart or soul, and I simply can't waste time anymore on games that simply can't put the effort in to keep me engaged. Revenant Saga is embarrassing, awkward, and not worth the time or cash investment.

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