Harvest Moon: Save the Homeland - Screen Shots
06.15.2001 Yet More Screens
The cow seems unusually happy, as cows go The fruits of his labor Exactly what is he feeding the dog?
Defeat powerful enemies with stronger weapons This'll teach it not to go in the house Even rocks make good eatin'
Yeah, I never feel like cleaning up either Perhaps it's time to mow the lawn Just a fence away from the ocean
From this angle, they both look like girls Don't eat things you find on the ground! There are probably better places to do that
No, thank you This is almost as exciting as watching plants grow...oh, wait... Keeping the malicious ground monsters in check
A pleasant woodland stroll Lost in a sea of green It's tough catching fish without a rod
It's OK to talk to animals, as long as they don't talk back Giant berries...or really small people? And the horse doesn't care
Some people are a drain on society What's wrong with this picture? That's about as close as you can get to this guy
Find new and exciting tools in your fight against evil in treasure chests!
04.19.2001 More Screens Core Magazine
Yes, the elves are back That is the wrong end to stand at, buddy ...stupid plants
Farm boy has connections Where'd my animals go?
04.15.2001 First Screens Famitsu
Good horsey Wanna know a secret? The cow loves you
What do you want?
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