Harvest Moon: The Lost Valley  
Harvest Moon: The Lost Valley

A new Harvest Moon title in 3D for the Nintendo 3DS.

· Nintendo 3DS

· Natsume

Natsume Japan
Natsume US
Bergsala Lightweight Europe

  Release Date  
11.04.2014 US
Q1.2015 Europe
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·Europe Reaches The Lost Valley in June 05.08.2015  
·The Lost Valley Sows Some DLC 01.05.2015  
·Harvest Moon: The Lost Valley Scheduled for Q1 2015 in Europe 10.22.2014  
·Natsume Unveils the Latest Harvest Moon Plushies 10.10.2014  
·Meet the Lost Valley's Eligible Bachelors 10.07.2014  
·Take a Tour of the Lost Valley - E3 06.23.2014  
·Natsume Shows off its E3 Line-up 06.05.2014  
·Harvest Moon Emerges from a Lost Valley 06.03.2014  

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