Harvest Moon: A Wonderful Life - Screen Shots
09.27.2003 Official Screens  
Walking throught the village Soon to be firewood Beginning of the season
Middle of the season Almost ready Time to pick
Lazy turtle In game. Dawn at the ranch Tomato or Tomatoe?
Sneaking up on the goat Gather all of the animals around the tent The doctor with no pants
Hearing the goats Plants are just like streetlamps Saskquatch's youger brother
Cheep! is this a dog or a rat? A salad for dinner
Two colours of cows Congrats! It's a ....? Purple veggies
Chicks and ducks Jogging or running? Walk through town
Young kid running Yippe!! Are you pondering what I'm pondering?
Young girl in pigtails Lizard!? Cherry Blossom season
Hoot Coming to steal your garbage Walking on the cobblestones
Looking at the sky Your ranch Relaxing by a stream
In game, walking to town Turtles and ducks The river looks a little dry
07.30.2003 More Screens
Quite the evil cow Cute baby! Tutorial, maybe?
"Serious Fun" Harvest Moon grew up ;_; Autumn view
Stable for pregnant livestock Harvest time! Taking a walk through town
Speed Racer? Deep in the woods Town meeting
Hope that's not chicken Uh, what's that? Teach your dog tricks
Turtle! Duck! ...Dog?
Lazy Day Ban's Shop
02.17.2003 First Screens
Out to pasture Watch and learn Do you have a room?
You come with the room? You're running the wrong way I want my Macaroni and Cheese now
A walk in the park at midnight These look ripe Quit licking me
They're after me lucky charms Maybe a few more days A teddy bear
Doesn't this look peaceful Animals that talk! I'll be rich. What a big farm
Howdy ma'am This room is awfully pink Welcome to my laboratory
I wish this corn grew faster Feeding the chickens Need to get the sheep in for the night
Harvest time Milking the cow
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