.hack//Outbreak - Screen Shots
05.30.2003 E3 Screens
A new type of monster Cat girl is coming onto me I have wings, do you?
An infected town? A different angle I haven't slept in 3 weeks
She talks just to hear herself speak The infection has gone too far! Kite's starting to get depressed
;_; I remember when it wasn't like this The system guy is going to be mad I wonder if they sell better weapons?
This time I won't fight you Good going Kite, now she's depressed Kite the Twin Blade, BlackRose the Heavy Blade
What phase is it? It's running away BlackRose looks scared
Yup, the infection's still here Wow, funny meeting you here It's Aura! :o
Can I touch her? Don't you look sexy? Could it be Cubia?
It is! and he's upside down. Must be from the virus Helba will fix it
I think she's stalking me BlackRose isn't with me for once Close up on Kite
Cubia is going to do something How can we hit it way up there? It just shot a green wave
Elk is back This isn't a normal creature Thanks for the support
Elemental Hit Some support spells? Damn you too
11.24.2002 A first look at the third installment. The Magic Box
A close up and fiery battle! Gazing up at something... A sly look from the cat man.
Strange special attack sequence. Party fightin'! More strange attacking.
That's a lot of effects... A butterfly... of DOOM! Someone just went boom.
What the heck is Kite doing!? More shiny special attacks. Terashima with a big, BIG axe... or staff.
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