Golden Sun - Screens
09.23.2001 A Whole Buncha Stuff
A tree house Nasty cave monster Mars in a cave
Status menu Watch the sparks fly Cactuar wannabes
A mighty blow Zombie attack! Odd desert creature attacks (animated)
Holy arrows (animated) I don't even wanna know (animated) Riding bareback (animated)
Desert thermometer Jump! Battle with the undead
07.10.2001 Battles and Locations
Ice in the desert Zapping the forest creatures Fighting in a castle
Cavern light ...that's odd A giant bird
On a mountain pass outside of town Next to a weapon shop *Brrrr*
A peaceful waterfall scene High above the clouds I guess those statues aren't that heavy
03.30.2001 Screens and Animation
Red haired person talks inside Be respectful when in the cemetery! Fighting a brown thingy (Animated)
In a dungeon A slideshow of various scenes (Animated) Fighting with a blue monster (Animated)
Smacking around a mud monster (Animated)
03.16.2001 A Few More Screens Source: Nintendo
Fighting in the open fields When you see a big hole, stay away from it Refreshing summer rain
A jewel-encrusted pond
03.04.2001 Even More Screens Source: IGN
Wasting time in town When it rains, you're supposed to go inside Neat-o spell effects
With the blacksmith An old man talks to himself Look what you did to the roof!
Another green-haired girl Wandering in the mountains An art museum, or a water temple?
01.16.2001 Staring at the (Golden) Sun Source: Nintendo
Exciting battle A magic pond? Puzzles and water
Flight! Hey, that sun looks more silverish Odd-looking room
The dungeon's gonna sink!    
10.23.2000 More Screens Source: NintendoWeb
A small house person walking on path more people on a path
more cottage/house action Animated Battle Animated Battle 2
8.26.2000 Spaceworld Screens Source: Nintendo / IGN
Die, mud thing! Battle graphics House talk
Quaint forest cottage Title screen, perhaps?  
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