Final Fantasy Tactics Advance - Screen Shots
05.16.03 A Few Screens
Hey you! Catch! Sounds like a plan Good choice
02.13.02 Exclusive Screens
Entering names Snowfield battle He's not much of a looker
Snowy cinematics? All alone, on a dimly lit road... She should wear warmer clothing
So let's put some on! It's! Out for a stroll
Text only version Title screen Where to?
Loading a game The world map Info screen
Choose your characters Character statistics Character equipment
Round robin An odd fellow Even stranger yet
Looks like a cocker spaniel! She looks like she has an injury Feminine feline?
Checking abilities Option 1: Arrange jailbreak... Weapons galore
Bargaining for a room More abilities Where to, boss?
More options Catching the latest gossip The lucrative weapons market
Quest information Discussing payment options What will you do?
More bargaining Armory Weaponry that a dog? That's one high priced bugle! Ivalice
Nothing good comes of being a criminal! Redefining the turtle neck So much for equipment...
Chatting with the locals Snowball fight! He doesn't look very enthusiastic
Someone needs a haircut She drives the boys wild His name is... Rover!
02.02.2003 More Screens Magic Box
Reminds me of a mini-devil Looks like a temple of some kind... Giving a pep talk to a monster before beating it?
Looks like a summon spell Same temple place... another conversation? Why what a cute little....
Fire!!!!! Boom. No, you cannot move one more square to the left.
World map menu A transaction of some type? Another transaction
The quest screen "Don't kill me!" Another shot of the quest screen
Yes, people really do fight from the tops of buildings... World map screen yet again Fight starting on the world map
Back in that temple area Card screen during a battle Same card screen, different choices
System menu in a battle Stat screen in battle ...nice ears...
Judgement screen World map menu yet again Did I just hear a "Judo Chop!!"?
Looks to be an item shop Cool summon getting ready to attack
01.19.2003 Additional Screens New Technix 
That's a hot desert! So hot, in fact, it summons demons! They look unfriendly
Anybody having visions of Ramuh? Somebody needs to get rid of some static cling She'll cool the situation down
10.24.2002 More Screens Magic Box
Map Menu Battle Begins Mogulan chats
Graduating Class of Cid? Being "Called to the Carpet" Cid Instructs
10.01.2002 More Screens
Are we there yet? How about now? Powerful Lightning! ... but it missed!
Time Magic Effects A blurry jumping Attacker Here comes another one
Sword slashes Attacking a bomb Do the Meteor!
Duck and Cover!
09.07.2002 More Screens  
Mash meets a mage A battle in town Battlefield diplomacy
Ritz has something to say Holy! The world map
Mash encounters another creature Crossing a bridge Ritz must be freezing!
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