Final Fantasy Tactics Advance - Artwork
05.16.03 More Art
Now that's a pop-up book 2 guys and 2 girls
01.19.2003 Additional Art New Technix
He *will* lay the smack down She's rather frigid, don't you think?
10.24.2002 Trio of Characters Magic Box
Requisite Cid Lolo Moogle Mogulan Moogle
10.01.2002 Character Artwork  
Marche Radiuju Mew Trandel Ritz Malheur
09.07.2002 Class Artwork  
An archer Another archer A cute little black mage
Another cute black mage A knight The knight brandishes a sword
Lizard-like monk Another monk A white mage
Another white mage    
08.31.2002 First Artwork  
Mash Myu Ritz
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