Final Fantasy XI - Screen Shots
03.17.2005 New Al'Taieu images and equipment shots
Polka dot sky Someone left the stove on Gonna have wet feet
Swimmers should like it here You know by now you have to go check it out A being of pure plaid
Open the door Have to take the long way around Flood gates...of doom
A bit decayed Why did the dragon have gloves? I don't think they're friendly
New things for mithra to eat New harness Showing off new armor in Davoi
Shiny gold Cutaru armor White stylings
New uniform Another new harness
01.31.2005 Official Al'Taieu Screens
A bird's eye view of the new area Interesting new landscapes Familiar architecture
A new foe? An unnatural storm is brewing I wonder what's going on here
01.19.2005 First Al'Taieu Screens Impress Game Watch
Follow the blue-brick road Running along a bridge of some sort Stuck a feather in his hat...
Head for those trees! Looking out, over the plains
08.26.2004 New Places, People, and Clothing Source: Official Chains of Promathia Website
The Great Wyrmking Better known as Bahamut Despachiaire
Elder Elvaan Despachiaire talks to Prishe Nag'molada
Intelligent Hume Please don't stare at the metal eye thing Justinius
Remember kids, eat your Beaugreens! Rebellious Tarutaru What's so funny?
Such raw emotion Are they behaving for once? Tenzen
Noble Samurai Loyalty Tenzen ponders the "falling off the airship" trick
Ulmia talks to Tenzen Sha'ir Manteel Barone Corazza
Bison Jacket Another shot of the Bison Jacket A Mithra fights in her Bison Jacket
Igqira Weskit Another shot of the Igqira Weskit A Tarutaru wearing the Igqira Weskit
Cape Riverne Floating rocks A Paladin and a Dark Knight watch a Thief
Staring over the edge The beauty of Riverne More strange floating rocks
Mage meeting, no melees allowed Large chunks of floating rock Shady trees
A cave and a waterfall Hey Dragoon, bet you can't jump onto those floating rocks! A Paladin marvels at the mysterious ruins
Promyvion An eerie lake Green glowing gate
Strange glowing orbs are found all over the Emptiness Ominous fortress guarded by creatures A windmill
Nothing jazzes up a scary place like a giant skeleton! Are barrels and crates empty in the Emptiness? A lone Monk under some trees
Tall trees Deserted city Vermillion Cloaks make Tarutaru tastier
A fortress looms over a small mage
07.22.2004 Chains of Promathia Enemy Portraits Source: Official Chains of Promathia Website
A Wanderer looking mean and nasty A Hunter Antlion A Diremite. Be afraid, arachnophobes.
A weeper in need of an antacid A massive Bugbear A Bugbear hunching over
A Moblin Roundman up close and personal A Moblin Roundman walking into a cavern A Corse looking scary
A gargantuan Buffalo Run little Taru! Ruuuuuun! A Moblin Groundman with his quest leaf blower
Hmm, no leaves, must work well
07.02.2004 More Chains of Promathia Screens Source: Official FFXI Website
Pso'Xja An unusual stone structure Strange architecture
More strange architecture A dizzying staircase Who designed this place?
So, who wants to go in first? Fuchsia aura More glowing fuchsia objects
Attohwah Chasm Palm trees and brown walls A narrow gap
Could a Galka squeeze through? Ahh, some peace and quiet This looks like the perfect place for bungee-jumping!
Uleguerand Range Beautiful snowfall Don't slip!
I bet the Thief is cold I dare you to lick that chunk of ice Hey, how'd he get down there?
The sun comes out Brr! I'm freezing my buttsy-wuttsy off! Tavnazian Safehold
Please let that bridge hold! Hello? Anybody home? Let's make the Elvaan scout
Will the bridge hold a Galka and an Elvaan too? What lies around the bend? Exploring can be fun!
No one's home...let's steal their stuff! Bibiki Bay Looks like a paradise
Bah, my feet are getting wet! A cool shady spot A boat! Let's go for a joyride!
Strange rock formations The sun is so bright Those currents look strong
Don't forget the sunblock Darn, I left my pants in my Mog House! Beautiful sunset
Phomiuna Aqueducts An empty sanctuary Hurry up, pokey Paladin!
Hey, how'd you get up there? Ulmia Ulmia cares for Prishe
My name is Esha'ntarl... I have a random apostrophe in my name.
05.13.2004 Chains of Promathia Screens from E3
Peaceful scenery Approaching a cavern Looks like one expensive night lite
I'm getting cold from just looking at it A shoddy looking village Traveling down a mineshaft
The Department of Safety would go medieval on this place Dusk approaches No, I don't believe you
More conversation Front view of a mithra Creepy looking dude
It doesn't look like these guys are going to mix well Looks like you're outnumbered, creepy dude Setting sail
Panoramic view of a bog Watch your step View of a seashore
Panoramic view of a cove Yet another panoramic view of a ship Looking off the edge of a mountain
A worn out looking shack A serene looking pond Beautiful view of a mountain
Looks like the tide's coming in Looks like a fire hazard Panoramic view of a subterranean area
Magical going-ons on a cold night Scary looking...something A glowing orb in a snow covered cemetery
A glowing structure Another view of the orb It's coming straight for us!
A cemetery illuminated in purple light Orbs meandering around a cemetery I wouldn't want to mess with that
Do you think it's alive?
05.08.2004 Chains of Promathia Screens
I swear officer I didn't see which way he went. Heading out for a cruise Area comes complete with 2 castles
Might be a safe place for some fishing Looks like a storms a coming What happens when your moogle moves out
I'm sure it is safe to cross... Pretty lake So which was is it to all the stores?
Don't get crushed by the boxes I wonder how you get to the door Oh no the roof is on fire!
I'm not really sure what the shovel is for seeing as how there are no floors Maybe they use it here. If the ground was really shooting out water I'm sure the island would sink
Guess they are anchoring there Nice shadey area in the desert Pretty water
Mmmm Galka White Mage Nice random dock I'm sure it's all a mirage
Cruising into the mountain area Swamp like place Giant mushrooms
Reminds me of Jurasic Park Same as before but from a different angle Now it looks like Lord of the Rings
Snowy place It stopped snowing Chilly cave
Canyon area A bit higher up And a bit closer in
Biggest leaves ever. Probably have to sail in to get to here Some of them look like they have eyes
Inside a dungeon Some kind of magical device
02.25.2004 The Dynamis Areas
Glowing is nature's way of saying "touch me.. I'm harmless!" No truth to the rumour that Ziegfried waits inside with Ultros A...tree
Castle bleeds pink goo
11.02.2003 Some screens to help you decide to take the plunge
Barren land Tropical happy place Windmill
The streets of Bastok Ifrit will help Group shot in the rare armor
Hmmmm Death awaits you! Awww
Looking over enemy territory San D'Orian building Nasty looking wizard
Get the tonberry! Mrrr! Windows shot - Fighting the dragon!
09.08.2003 Official media tour.
Our guest character. Looks like a Red Mage to me! Dilly-dallying about.
Orcish Cursemaker sighted! Stepping on to the burning circle... A San d'Orian knight.
Just chatting around, nothing major. The Dread Dragon appears. Spotter really don't look that menacing.
The Dread Dragon awaits. Lion appears waaaay too late to help. Resting after the dragon battle.
Preparing for a journey. Mini-chocobo! Sea Monk or Sea Horror, both dangerous.
Fighting pirates AND a hectopus? Dangerous stuff. Why can't the skeletons be smiling? A phantom joins the fray.
Spellcasting skeletons = bad. Gone fishin'. You have arrived at Selbina by ship!
A cloudy day in Selbina. Lighting up. About to fire...
A homebrew fireworks show! A tiny firework. Lighting another...
Better than the real thing. Does that not burn? The Tarutaru looks so cute down there.
08.25.2003 Offical beta screenshots!
Nighttime river in Gustaberg. Chocobo riding through Valkurm Dunes. Our fearless site webmaster!
Orcish catapults. Sunset in Sarutabaruta. Junger Forest.
Gustaberg waterfall. The drab Batallia Downs. Northern Bastok's sunrise.
Midday in Sarutabaruta. Loitering in Valkurm. Riding through Batallia.
Eveningtime in the Plateau. Crawler sighted! Puttering through Tahrongi Canyon.
Partying in Valkurm. Zooming through South Gustaberg. Evening in Gustaberg.
Monk vs. Giant Bee. Stabbing a jelly. Entering the Plateau.
North San d'Oria square. Sunrise in North Ronfaure. Party killing a Goblin Leecher.
An airship taking off from North Bastok. Reet. Prancing through Valkurm
Nighttime in Sarutabaruta. The mountains! Jeuno looms in the distance.
A night in South San d'Oria. More riding through Batallia Downs. The South San d'Oria fountain.
Beautiful trees in North Ronfaure. The San d'Oria Burning Circle. Evil Spotter!
The Dread Dragon looms. Jumping in to the boss battle! Party tactics versus the dragon.
Lion makes her second appearance.
06.12.2003 E3 2003 Screens
Will you pick door #1, door #2, or door #3? I don't see any water nearby I sense an ambush
They are speaking English! Finally it's my turn I hope it doesn't use Bad Breath
This is my last arrow Lance, is your last name Bass? I don't want to group with you
So... have any extra potions? The level 11 guy won't be much help. We don't want Josh in our group
"Hey guys how's it going?" Yes, I'm not very quick on the uptake There is a fire breather behind us?
Dang it, we should have taken a right at Zulkheim Create a handle Lets travel.
Sign up! Swing and a... hit? It's the guild house
Where are all the people? What a big hallway I need a new face
And new hair color I need to find a server Blah blah blah "This guy is strong" blah blah
I'm already a guy, but I can change my gender. I want to be 4'9" Which one did I want to pick again?
Please don't hit me That light covers the whole room Which boat can you ride again?
Bad area for a fight
02.15.2003 Boatload of Screens
Ready for battle Summoning spell Ifrit joins the battle
Titan stands ready Earth shaking Don't drop that
Catch! Female summoner Ronso summoner
Tartares summoner Sunset over the ruins Jungle covered ruins
Very old staircase Stone column Watery landscape
Party underground Interesting place for a bridge Nice view
Coral cave Sea-like landscape Four against one
Road side sign One very big pothole No swimming here
Volcano pass Underground city Lots and lots of boxes
Watery cave Underground hallway Nice decorations
Don't I know you from somewhere? A castle garden Grand staircase
Dusty old hallway A white knight runs in Surveying the stairs
Library Lovely hat Conversing with the little people
So, as I was saying Jungle talk Fighting some tonberries
The tonberries go to war I'll bite your kneecaps! 1000 Needles
Casting magic on a cacatuar Can you read line one for me?
10.17.2002 More PC Screens
Standing proud Almost looks like a stuffed toy! "Come with me if you want to live."
Riding the chocobos Casting magic Chatting
Hectic battle scene Crossing the brook  
07.08.2002 PC Screens
Dancing out of trouble Standing is fun Looking pensive
Smells like chocobos...
05.27.2002 E3 Screens
Bastok Sand'Oria Windurst
Loitering under the streetlamps Lost in town Holding a conversation
Seagal and Pump Fighting giant caterpillars An unhappy tiger
Taking on a dragon    
03.21.2002 Another Assortment of Screens
Standin' around the town A Chocobo stable! Man, I look cool..
Racing near a cliff! Kind of an odd-looking expression, there.. Staring into the flame
Gathering at the top o' the hill Well, I think they'd be a good match! That's one mean-lookin' dragon
That's one mean-breathin' dragon, too! It's a mean wind-blowin' dragon, as well! The mean lookin', breathin', and blowin' dragon charges up!
Okay, is there anything it can't do?
02.27.2002 CG Intro and Magic
Pucker up, buttercup Big 'n' ugly OH GOD THEY'RE HIDEOUS UNDER THOSE HATS!
Town at the base of the mountain arch Eerie lights *belch*
Pretty lights Spell starter  
01.05.2002 A few small screens Magic Box
The beta version's title screen A Galka and his beard A few scenes featuring a Galka
A Mithra woman A few scenes featuring Mithra
11.29.2001 Truckload of screens
In the Tuku Republic Bridge and waterfall A deserted mine-town
Ore mine in the North Castle at Sandoria Mossy guidepost
Rabbits in the woods With the Taltals River through the woods
Creatures in Windasu Entering an old structure A small monster
Looks familiar, no? A more technological region Discussing the changing city
The mining folks Castle of a longstanding family Arguing with the royal family
The Sand Rear Kingdom A crawling area Guardian of Windasu
Beautiful Windasu scenery Chatting with a Taltal A Chocobo
At the Chocobo stables Hume amid gorgeous scenery Another Hume
Hume's chatting Running through the forest Screen displays can be removed
A Marlboro...defeated! Elven are a proud people Elven in Sandoria
A shrine maiden Beating on the Marlboro Alliance kicks Marlboro's butt
Lookit the cute armor Cute yet tough A Marlboro!
Looking stern Tender-hearted yet with depth Chatting in Vana Dale
Conversing with an NPC Talking with Taltal NPC NPCs give maps and other items
Vana Dale is a lively place for meetings Some serious networking Get the feeling you'll be doing a lot of talking?
More varied characters than this will be present Players can tell you about their travails More friends means a deeper experience
Making a party A bustling metropolis Parties have a specific leader
11.26.2001 More dinky screens
Odd forest critters Chocobo stable Iifa Tree
Town overview Outside the walls Outsized
Hectic battle I can smell the Bad Breath from here Hume
Tartare Eruvan  
11.01.2001 Finally, some real screens Magic Box
A giant yak Prancing through a field Is there a cave behind that waterfall?
Down a quiet village path Dramatic overlook Are we lost again?
What's with all the little guys? Chat while you fight Morning glare
Closer to the yak Another game with windmills AHHHHH....CHOOO!
Land of the clones Ready for battle Allan vs. Flying Axe
Talking in the field A very sparse forest In the city
12.01.2000 Better Look
Cool logo Cool logo and a planet  
01.31.2000 Second Look
FFXI's title screen Large creatures and small humans  
01.29.2000 First Look Core Magazine
FFXI logo Chatting online Talking in-game
A great view Into a cave  
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