Final Fantasy - Screen Shots
04.15.2002 Screen Shots - As Good As They Get
Outside Corneria Goblin Battle Victory!
Black Magic Shop Arylon, the Dancer The Temple of Fiends
Waking Up A Place I'll Return To Someday Showdown with Garland
A Grateful King The Prologue Title Logo
Matoya, the Witch Bikke, the Pirate Outside Pravoka
The Elfin Castle Astos' Castle A Benevolent Old King
Astos Revealed! Astos casts RUB Dynamiting the Land Bridge
Unne, the Scholar Outside Melmond Sarda, the Sage
Appeasing the Titan Altar of Earth Lich Appears!
Battle with Lich The Circle of Sages Raising the Airship
Bahamut bestows new classes A look at the new classes Marilith Appears!
Battle with Marilith Descending in the submarine A Mermaid
Kraken Appears! Battle with Kraken Finding the Adamant
Forging the Excalibur Tiamat Appears! Battle with Tiamat
Fiendish power flow Gateway to the Past The Beginning of the End
02.26.2001 More New Screens Source:
Talking in town Inside a house Battling enemies
Facing off In the ruins Desert camp
Not quite in the desert Bridge over troubled waters Taking a flight
Prologue... Crossing the water Would you like to stay at the inn?
Military formation "Yes, m'lord." Squidmen!
Is that Link? In the blacksmith's cave Fighting pirates, arr!
A well furnished room The world map Daring to fight Death
In a cave Outside a cave Bahamut?
The airship flies over a desert Fighting a BIG enemy Playing the number slide game
In another town That's not Tiamat...that's a Hydra! There's a lot of fighting in this game
A nice looking castle Kraken
11.13.2000 Wow... One New Screen Source: The Magic Box
Scene from a battle    
11.02.2000 Exciting New Screens  
We're off to see the crystal Some broccoli
(NES version)
Capering about the room
(NES version)
Looks like a shop Oh really. Some menu-age
(NES version)
Some girly-guy frolicks about
(NES version)
What? He's not even near him!
(NES version)
In the bedroom..
(NES version)
"When you look this good, you don't have to knooow anything." Some mage Carpet
Attack of the ugly things Cooking some ugly things  
09.04.2000 First Screen Source: The Magic Box
Foggy blue menu    
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